Working With Difficult Patients: Spiritual Care Approaches Essay

Working With Difficult Patients: Spiritual Care Approaches Essay

The current paper aims to discuss the “Working with Difficult Patients: Spiritual Care Approaches” article written by Leigh Aveling, Siroj Sorajjakool, and Reginald Pulliam. The article discusses the issues that the caregivers face in working with patients. The authors state that the patients could be very different, especially in accordance with their spiritual development and will to life (Aveling, 165-168). The caregivers could face problems in communication with some specific types of characters due to the refusal of the patients to follow the rules of the hospital or to even continue living in this world. According to the article, the difficulties with patients seriously depend on their perception of the sense of life. However, it is essential not to decrease the role of the caregivers in the dialogue with problematic patients. The article explains that very often the caregivers do not possess the necessary listening qualities. It means that they are focused on their medical knowledge and some psychological cliché about the necessary behavior with patient. As a result, the patient feels in hospital like an alien. His intention to struggle with illness decreases. Therefore, it is essential for the caregivers to be attentive during the communication process with the patients in order to fulfill their duties correctly. It is essential for the staff to understand that the patient behaves incorrectly due to the psychological state during the illness.

It is possible to conclude that the spiritual health of the patients is very important in the formation of the necessary conditions for recovery. The patient needs to feel the support of the medical staff. In such case, the role of caregiver is not only to give medications for patient but also to listen to the patient’s spiritual problems and discuss them with him.

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