Who is Mr. Leo Green?

Dear friend,

When I listened to the speech of one extremely famous and influential person while waiting for a moment to get a diploma from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, I felt a trembling sensation of the accomplishment of all dreams. Really, all the doors were opened for me, – a marketing graduate with excellent grades. However, the feeling of sadness gradually embraced me as I understood that I would have to part the world of education. I had dozens of propositions from the prominent transnational corporations with sky-high salary offers. Yet, it seemed to be a wrong way for me. It was the moment to make a lifelong choice, which could probably change my destiny. I hesitated only for few days and decided to enter the teaching system of Cambridge.

15 years later, I love my job as rare people do. I regularly interact with students, participate in the admission of entrants, and promote scientific ideas in the field of education. What is more, seven years ago I started my own company helping students from all parts of the world to fulfil their dreams and successfully path through the system of education. Why does this inspire me?

The answer is simple – the more I worked with students the more I understood that the current system was far from perfect. Youngsters face deadly bureaucratic obstacles while trying to enter the university – only because papers became more important than individuality. Dozens of unprofessional teachers create unbearable learning conditions and disturb students with unnecessary tasks. Finally, HR managers will surely ignore your CV in case if it has not been written in accordance with the hidden laws of job hunting. My former students regularly complained about the impossibility of finding a high-paid job. At this life stage, I decided to start providing assistance services for students from all parts of the globe who face similar problems while entering the university, searching for a job, or struggling to succeed with academic deadlines.

I take every order responsibly and always do a job myself. I support the long-term cooperation because it helps to build mutual trust and ensures better general result. In 2018, I already have more than 2500 clients from the UK, U.S., Canada, Australia, China, India, Pakistan, France, and many other countries. They all succeeded to promote their career with the least efforts. The mistake is to ignore the opportunities and the fact that there is nothing more valuable than personal time. Fortunately, I am here to provide you a perfect chance to focus on really important things and forget about bureaucracy, negligent HR managers, and picky examiners.

Waiting for our cooperation and good luck in your career growth!

Mr. Leo Green

Leo Green