What Would Be A Life Without Federal Government

What Would Be A Life Without Federal Government

It is possible to suggest that the life without federal government would be worse. There are many benefits of the federal government in the political and economic situation in the U.S. First, federal government ensures the existence of the single system of international relations. Thus, the course of the nation’s development depends on the common democratic decision of the citizens of all the states. In such case, the absence of the federal government will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the country due to the conflict of interests between the states.

Second, the existence of the federal government is fundamental for the qualitative protection of the American population from crime. Thus, such organizations as FBI are responsible for the investigation of the serious crimes, which are dangerous for the welfare of the entire country. The extended powers of such organizations give an opportunity for the federal government to use more resource in order to resolve different issues. Third, the functioning of the federal government is beneficial for the development of the national economic projects. Evidently, such economic activity as the regulation of the minimum wage is crucial for the existence of the fair and equal society. Moreover, the federal government regulates the monetary policies to ensure the currency stability and stimulate the growth of specific industries.

Finally, the federal government ensures the existence of the single healthcare program to support all the U.S. citizens. For instance, the famous Obamacare project aims to solve several problems of the healthcare industry and guarantee all Americans the access to the qualitative medical treatment. Obviously, federal government limits the free development of some states. Nevertheless, the absence of the balance between the state’s interests could lead to the emergence of separatism. It becomes clear that it is crucial for the U.S. political system to be based on the principles of federalization.

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