What Is Whistleblowing Essay

One of the ethical concerns of modern business is whistleblowing, and this paper discusses what is whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is one of the crucial ethical concerns of any big company. On the one side, it is rational for managers to stimulate whistleblowing because it gives a chance for a company to become better. On the other hand, whistleblowing can cause danger because employees reveal various secret aspects of company’s functioning. The current paper aims to discuss the phenomenon of whistleblowing to understand its essence. 

Whistleblowing definition

There seems to be no doubt that whistleblowing is an inevitable part of business activities. Whistleblower is an individual who provides a precise data about the illegal activities of the company in which he or she works to authorities or specific regulatory agencies. It means that whistleblower informs the general public about the hidden and improper mechanisms of a company’s market performance. For instance, the employees could inform regulatory agencies about the discrimination inside the organization, failure to pay taxes, or the cases of environmental pollution that happened as a result of the company’s violation of laws. Accordingly, whistleblowing is related to the most diverse spheres of business activities. In such case, almost any employee could become whistleblower in accordance with his or her ethical values.

Legal aspects of whistleblowing

The Whistleblower Protection Act ensures the protection of all employees who want to share an information about the wrong intentions of their employer. This federal law also protects all those whistleblowers working for the government. These whistleblowers report the possible existence of illegal activities constituting a violation of rules, law, rules, and regulations. The practice helps to control mismanagement, waste of funds, and abuse of authority. Moreover, it is even possible to get a reward in case if the information helps the government to fine the company. The WPA makes it impossible for employers to discriminate whistleblowers or dismiss them. However, it is usually very hard for a whistleblower to continue his or her job activities in the company after the cases of whistleblowing due to the negative attitude of peers.

Ethics and whistleblowing

It is necessary to note that whistleblowing is closely connected with the interpretations of morality. For instance, some people consider whistleblowing immoral because an employee acts as a traitor. This logical error exists due to the subconscious social thinking patterns. It is irrational to state that some whistleblower is a traitor only because he shares some information about his organization. On the other hand, a whistleblower usually helps to bring justice to the whole district, city, or even country. Consequently, whistleblowing has to be interpreted as a positive behavioral pattern.

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