What Is Dance Film Genre Essay

What Is Dance Film Genre Essay

The current essay aims to examine dance film, which is a specific cinematography genre focused on the creation of the narrative with the help of dancing on the screen. This genre has been used by the directors in different forms since the second part of the 20th century. Obviously, the modern state of a screen dance seriously differs from its manifestations fifty years ago. On the other hand, the fundamental idea to use dancing as the primary narrative source is still relevant.

It is important to note that the dance film genre is not very popular among the wide audience. Thus, it is almost impossible to find dance films in the schedule of the movie premieres in cinemas. It happens due to the difficulties in the perception of a film by the audience. Nevertheless, there exists a big amount of different dance film festivals, such as Cinedans, San Francisco Dance Film Festival, and Dance on Camera. It means that the genre is relatively popular among its supporters. The festivals are held regularly, which leads to the constant development due to the possibilities, which are guaranteed for the directors by sharing of experience. Accordingly, it could be possible for screen dance to maintain its popularity among the followers in the nearest future.

As it has already been mentioned, dance film implies the constant use of dancing in the building of a film’s narrative. Evidently, there are many musical films, which also use dance as an inevitable part of the plot. However, a musical film and a dance film are different due to the several factors. First, a director of a dance film uses dance as a language. Therefore, the process of dancing reveals different symbols to an audience. It makes it possible to interpret the message and make several conclusions regarding the fundamental ideas and even theories discussed in a film.

Second, a dance film is less focused on entertainment. Needless to say, that the biggest amount of dance films do not have some great commercial aims. There exists a big amount of experimental dance films, which are made in order to explain some concept or state of being. Therefore, screen dance could include several philosophical concepts or authentic dance methods. Furthermore, some directors regularly take a decision to use unique editing and filming techniques.

Finally, a dance film could be very provocative and shocking for an audience. Obviously, mainstream musical films are made in accordance with the values of the wide audience. On the other hand, a dance film is directed for a target audience with a specific taste and worldview. It becomes clear that a dance film is more thought-provoking and deep. Consequently, it could not become extremely popular due to the use of a complicated language and the absence of an entertaining plot.

It is essential to note that there are some famous directors who have already made a significant contribution to the development of the genre. For instance, Richard Allen and Karen Pearlman from Australia are famous for their original use of the elements of choreography in the films. They are the producers of such films as No Surrender. The Australian producers propose the audience to observe the complicated dancing scenes with the multiple layers of the further interpretation. Their impact led to the formation of the conceptualist movement among the directors of the dance films.

It is possible to conclude that dance film is an original and interesting cinematography genre, which continues being relevant in the 21st century. This genre is mostly used to retranslate some ideas of art or philosophy. Therefore, dance film is not very popular among the wide audience.

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