What Inspires You Essay

What Inspires You Essay

Inspiration plays a huge role in my life. It is important to note that I am a romantic person. It means that the source of my inspiration is not usually connected with some physical gadgets or devices. I know many people, who are inspired by expensive cars or personal ships. On the other hand, I could experience real catharsis after the visit of the exhibition of Monet or Degas. I admire everything connected with this trend in art.

It is not a secret that impressionists have developed their style on the basis of the single moment, which inspired them. They wanted to capture this moment and to reflect all the peculiarities of the light or people’s behavior. I believe that they have demonstrated a deep understanding of the human nature. Evidently, we all are doomed to die. It means that time plays a huge role in our life. The motivation for the movement is the beauty of moment. Fortunately, our life could incorporate a huge quantity of small moments. Thus, the impressionists demonstrate that the happiness could be almost eternal. I am inspired by this understanding of personal existence.

I would like to share this position with the world. I think that the art of photography would help me to reveal the beauty of the moment. I want to make experiments with film photography because the film better reflects the colors of the surrounding landscapes. I hope that I would make an exhibition one day, which would help someone to find his sense of life and inspire to achieve better results in accordance with the personal dream.

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