Web Design Essay: Templates or Site Builders?

Web Design Essay: Templates or Site Builders?

There exists an opinion that many websites look similar nowadays. It happens due to the fact that web designers use templates for site development. Thus, such famous open source software as WordPress or Joomla gives a unique opportunity for all users to create a website in two hours. There exists a huge amount of free templates, which could be used to create all types of websites. Some designers even use such templates to build online shops. It becomes clear that it is not hard to make a website today. However, the quality of such web portal could be questioned. It is important for a web designer to analyze the difference between authentic websites and templates in order to make a right choice between these two alternatives.

It is necessary to mention that the usage of templates could be beneficial for web designer in many cases. First, templates are almost perfect for SEO optimization. Thus, a web designer could make dozens of landing pages to accumulate links to some basic website (Hunt 103). In such case, it is irrational to use similar design at all websites. It is better to make the landing pages different. Therefore, templates could be extremely useful in the rapid building of any type of website.

Templates are also very useful for all those users, who are not experienced in web design. Obviously, all people need to have a possibility to create their own website because such opportunity makes the Internet more democratic. However, it was impossible for common users to develop a good website without serious investments in the 2000s. In 2017, any individual could use WordPress templates to build a website in several clicks. Therefore, templates are perfect for the newbies in web design.

Finally, it is important to note that many templates are good enough for some specific purposes. There is no need for the websites of the small communities or NGOs to be unique. Moreover, templates could be used in media activities of local newspapers or magazines. The primary aim of such resources to retranslate the information rather than to demonstrate some authenticity.

On the other hand, building website from scratch with the help of professional web design could have several positive outcomes. First, the originality of design will help the owners of the website to make it more popular. The correspondence between the brand identity and website design provides an opportunity for managers to increase brand awareness. Thus, many companies use special fonts for their products. This font could also be used in the design of the website.

Second, exclusive design guarantees that website will not face problems with hacker attacks. Evidently, templates are regularly analyzed by the attackers in order to find some vulnerability. Consequently, information could not be protected with the help of templates (McManus 92). Moreover, it is dangerous to embed payment system in websites made with the help of templates because the clients could be robbed by the criminals. It becomes obvious that templates could not be safe enough to use them for a serious purpose, particularly for trade.

It is possible to conclude that there are both pros and cons of template’s usage in web design. The final solution regarding the importance of template usage has to be taken on the basis of information in each specific case. In case if an individual wants to have a simple website without some secret information it is better to use templates. Nevertheless, the protection of information and the creation of interesting and original website is impossible without authentic design.

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