Voter ID Laws Debates Essay

Voter ID Laws Debates Essay

It is important to note that the debates regarding the voter ID laws are very common in the current media discourse in the U.S. due to the outcomes of the 2016 U.S. President Elections. The fact is that it is crucial for a voter to provide a specific voter ID in order to vote for a candidate or some option during the democratic elections (Lipsitz 2016). The voter ID laws are usually subdivided into the several groups in accordance with the level of the strictness. For example, the states with strictest rules are Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Kansas, Indiana, and Mississippi. Thus, in Kansas, it is crucial for a voter to prove his or her citizenship and demonstrate registration ID with the photo. Nevertheless, some people state that the voter ID laws are dangerous for the democratic values of the United States due to their discriminative nature (Flores 2015).

The problem is that it could be hard for the representatives of the minorities to get photo ID due to potential expenses. According to Lorraine Minnite (Minnite 2010), the citizens could spend up to $150 during the process of photo ID receiving. It means that some citizens will not go and vote due to the absence of the document. Simultaneously, some media point out that these laws do not help to solve the issues of fraud during the election. Consequently, there is not sense in implementing the system of the voter’s control by using the ID laws.

On the other hand, there are many supporters of the voter ID system. Evidently, some U.S. citizens want the government to guarantee the fairness of elections. It is necessary to note that the followers of the Republican Party usually support the voter ID laws while the biggest critics of the system are from the Democrats’ camp. It happens due to the fact that the racial and ethnic minorities mostly support the Democratic Party. Therefore, the laws theoretically minimize the number of pro-Democrats voters.

It is possible to suggest that it is better for the states to use the system of voter ID because the risks of fraud still exist. At the same time, the government has to ensure the existence of the possibility for all citizens to receive their voter ID for free. Thus, the problem will be solved.

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