Transhumanism In the 21st Century Essay

Transhumanism In the 21st Century Essay


There is no doubt that the ontological and ethical framework of transhumanism becomes more popular with each year due to the huge role of technology in the life of the modern people. Thus, many individuals consider transhumanism as the alternative for the existing religious worldviews as a result of the personal dissatisfaction with the traditional explanations of the world’s creation and principles of its functioning. It is possible to suggest that transhumanism could become the dominant ideology in the nearest future, especially for the Western civilization. Evidently, transhumanism absorbs all the primary liberal values of globalization, such as equality and focus on self development. Moreover, the ideology provides a new solution of the problem of death and aging. It is crucial to examine the role of transhumanism today and make several assumptions regarding the potential change of the political and social systems of humanity under the influence of this ideology. The possible implication of the research is the finding that transhumanism will become the leading ideology for the citizens of many countries in the nearest future.

Keywords: Transhumanism, ideology, 21st century.


It is necessary to highlight that new technologies provide a unique opportunity for people to increase life expectancy and improve its quality. The followers of transhumanism state that it is crucial for the global community to focus on the further development of technologies and their integration in the common life of people. Thus, transhumanists support chipping, implant installation, consumption of nootropics, and many other innovative trends (Russell 202). The generation of millennials tends to agree with some of the ethical and ontological statements developed by transhumanists (Ariew 127). At the same time, a growing number of atheists shows the intention of people to reevaluate their worldview. Therefore, many people try to find a new perspective ideology, which could shape their life.


It is possible to state that transhumanism could become a dominant ideology of the Western civilization in the 21st century.

Approach and Methods

It is rational to use such methods as historical, dialectical, comparative, analysis, and interview. Thus, the optimal way to conduct such a study is to start a website on the Internet with the questionnaire regarding their view of people on several aspects of the ideology of transhumanism and invite individuals from different countries to pass the interview. The questions of the interview have to be created in accordance with the historic peculiarities of the emergence of transhumanism and different philosophical theories of society’s change. Finally, the results of the interview could be analyzed to understand the attitude of people towards transhumanism.

Results and Discussion

The possible result of the analysis is the finding that transhumanism could become the dominant ideology for the citizens of many countries in the nearest future. It is fair to suggest that people want to increase their life expectancy and avoid physical suffering. Transhumanism promises to solve all these problems. Consequently, the probability of the popularization of transhumanism is extremely high.

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