The Rise of Conservatism Essay: Positive and Negative Impact

Essay discusses the rise of conservatism

The primary reason for the rise of conservatism

It is important to note that the primary reason for the rise of conservatism was connected with the Communistic threat, which was especially actual after the WWII. In the second half of the 20thcentury, the U.S. society was involved in the Cold War with the USSR. This conflict resulted in the formation of social discontent in any radical changes, especially in sphere of political decisions. The second reason for the popularity of conservatism was the development of the suburban communities, which were based on the ideology of “privatized civic culture” (Carter 2003). The members of these communities did not want to pass through changes proposed by the supporters of liberal theories. Finally, the mistakes of the government gave an opportunity for conservatives to criticize the current methods of ruling the state, especially in the sphere of social law. The riots of African Americans outraged many people, who wanted to live in the world without serious mental changes. Obviously, war in Vietnam led to social instability, which was on hand to conservatives.

Positive and Negative Impact

The positive impact of the rise of conservatism was the limitation of innovations in the U.S. society. Evidently, the intention of liberal activists to change the social system was dangerous for the entire nation. The political, social, and economic evolution needs to be gradual (Nau 2015). On the other hand, many conservatives opposed equality in civil rights and delayed the implementation of important projects, such as legalization of abortion.

Modern Aspect

There is no doubt that the issue is extremely important today because the new U.S. President Donald Tramp uses the rhetoric of conservatives in many controversial issues. He wants to introduce some earlier elements of the American social life. Consequently, the opposition between conservatives and innovators will be actual for the nearest future.

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