The Issues of Death Penalty Essay

The Issues of Death Penalty Essay


There are several ethical and even legal issues connected with death penalty. One of the most actual problems is the length of maximum sentence.


According to David Garfield (Garfield 2015), some prisoners in the U.S. wait for more than twenty-five years before the implementation of the court decision.

  1. There is no doubt that the detention of prisoners goes expensive for the budget. The uncertainty in the timing of the execution of a sentence leads to the absence of budget planning. Moreover, the maintenance of special death row prisons is usually more expensive due to the necessity to exercise a strict control over the prisoners (Vollum 2016).
  2. Each additional year results in the new expenses, which is irrational because a citizen is sentenced to death. It means that the absence of a time frame only harm the legal process and leads to the unnecessary waste of resources.
  3. The second reason for the change of the current legal system is related to the understanding of the simple fact that it is extremely hard for the prisoners to wait for the enforcement of a sentence. Thus, many prisoners try to commit suicide. The human rights activists highlight the inhumanity of the system, which constantly exerts moral pressure on an individual. It is obvious that the expectation of death is one of the worst feelings in the life of any person. Unfortunately, the government ignores this psychological problem.


It is evident that such a practice of prisoner’s detention is completely unacceptable. It is beneficial for the officials to minimize the term of the enforcement of a sentence to 3 years.

  1. It is better to spend the budget money for the development of the specific institutions to help the prisoners to cope with their mental and spiritual issues.
  2. It is fair to suggest that the 3-year period will be long enough to prepare the enforcement of the sentence.
  3. Therefore, the activists need to influence the legal sphere of decision-making process to guarantee the implementation of the new rules.


It becomes clear that it is essential to change the law and implement the new system of the death sentence. The minimization of the term of the enforcement of a sentence to 3 years is an optimal solution because it would be enough time for the enforcement of the sentence. Simultaneously, the budget money will be saved.

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