The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Analysis Essay

The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Analysis Essay

It is necessary to note that the first chapter of the novel mostly introduces a reader with the basic characters. Evidently, Nick Carraway is represented as the author of the book and the narrator. He is a moral and just individual with the middle-class background. The story begins in 1922 when Nick comes to New York in order to become a trader. His desire is very common for this epoch, which was inevitably connected with a streaming financial development. Nick served in the army during the WWI in spite of the fact that his parents are wealthy. It becomes clear that Nick considers civil duty as an essential aspect of people’s life. After coming to New York, Nick settles in West Egg, which is a part of Long Island. He notices that his neighbor Jay Gatsby possesses a monstrous mansion. Nick becomes interested in the life of Gatsby.

The first steps of Nick in New York are very accurate. He wants to know more about the life of people, especially new rich who become more and more influential. Nick is invited to dinner by his cousin Daisy Buchanan. She lives in the fashionable and rich East Egg district. He also meets cousin’s husband Tom and Jordan Baker who is a golf player. These characters represent the high society of New York. Nevertheless, they are empty inside, evil, and frivolous. For instance, Tom reveals his racist views on social relations. Daisy knows about Tom’s mistress but does nothing to change the situation. It becomes clear that the rich setting of the novel makes a contrast for the empty souls of characters.

At the end of the chapter, Nick observes Gatsby watching the green light at Daisy’s house. There appears the first riddle of the plot. This chapter gives an opportunity for a reader to immerse in the life of New York of the 1920s and analyze the social and moral problems of this epoch.

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