The Grand Budapest Hotel Film Review

The Grand Budapest Hotel Film Review

The current essay aims to discuss The Grand Budapest Hotel film directed by Wes Anderson. The film depicts a story of the hotel’s staff in the fictitious country Zubrowka. Evidently, the hotel is in decline due to the military activities inside the country. The concierge of the hotel and its keeper of traditions Gustav tries to maintain the order in accordance with the long-term history of this beautiful and immense hotel. The plot of this story demonstrates how Gustav and hotel’s lobby boy Zero overcome different challenges connected with the life of the hotel’s visitors particularly Madame D and her family. It is fair to state that the image of the hotel’s functioning is central to the understanding of the narrative.

The first thing to notice about the hotel is the great passion for the order inside the hotel. For instance, the employees are dressed in the specific uniform. At the same time, all the members of the staff are focused on their job duties. The comfort of a client is extremely important for the crew. Therefore, everything is made to improve the experience of guests. It is necessary to mention that the entire HR system of the hotel depends on the solutions of Gustav who is an exemplary hotel’s manager. He tries to preserve traditions, which is crucial for the further survival of the hotel’s brand even in a complicated situation. Moreover, he personally knows all the visitors and establishes an emotional contact with them. Gustav always knows the background and needs of the guests. Accordingly, the level of services significantly increases.

It is possible to state that the dedication of staff to the idea of quality service is really impressive. Unfortunately, many hotels today use cheap labor to minimize costs. At the same time, the hotels do not have some idea or mission. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find such sincere and warm attitude of staff towards a client as in the Grand Budapest Hotel.

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