The Future Of The Internet of Things Essay

The Future Of The Internet of Things Essay

The current paper aims to discuss the Internet of Things, which seems to be one of the most perspective IT trends in the current decade. Evidently, the concept of the Internet of Things is based on the intention of people to increase the efficiency of the everyday processes. This intention leads to the idea to unite all surrounding things via the Internet. Obviously, this process requires the necessity to use specific sensors and electronic devices to read and analyze the information. It means that many physical objects will be improved in order to re-translate information.

The Internet of Things idea becomes more popular with each year. The current level of the technology progress gives an opportunity for many companies to produce smart devices and things, which could be used in the everyday life. Nevertheless, the system could not function without the holistic approach. It means that the corporations from different industries have to focus on the development of the projects in the sphere of the IoT. Therefore, the further development of wireless communication, machine learning, and many other technologies is crucial for the further popularization of the IoT.

Needless to say, that there are different levels of IoT principle’s implementation. Thus, people could unite all the smart devices in their house, which will provide a possibility to develop a smart home system. In such case, the primary role of the Network will be to analyze the behavioral patterns of people living in this house and optimize the use of resources. On the other hand, the IoT could be used to create smart cities and improve the life of thousands of people. Thus, the industrial level of the IoT development implies the automation of many industries particularly healthcare. It becomes clear that the IoT is a new IT concept with a huge potential for further development.

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