The Features of Web Communication in Business Essay

The Features of Web Communication in Business Essay

The current paper focuses on the discussion of the differences between Web communication and other forms of business communication. A close look at the history of the Internet indicates that Web communication became very popular in the last decade. Many companies use online messengers and mail boxes in order to coordinate the work of the stuff. The dialogues with business partners are also held with the help of Web communication methods. Needless to say, that there exists the difference between the earlier forms of business communication, such as fax, phone calls, or official letters and new Web communication.

The first difference is the convenience in the usage of Web technologies. They are almost free and very reliable. It is usually possible to check if the business partner received the mail. Second, Web communications seriously reduces paper waste, which is good for the environment (BCOM6 3). The other important feature of business communication with the help of Web is the possibility to write directly to the person, who is situated in any part of the globe. In case if the partner or employee has an access to the Internet, he would be able to answer the message or communicate via Skype.

However, there are some issues connected with Web communication. The Internet virus could destroy the email letters at the computer. Thus, the data would be destroyed. The excessive trust in Web communication could be underminded by some local issues with the Internet. Is is possible to conclude that Web communication has both benefits and shortcomings in comparison with the traditional business communication. In the future world, they would exist in parallel, providing possibility for companies to increase the efficiency of communication process.

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