The Best Kids Indoor Jungle Gyms For Sale

buy jungle gyms for sale

An indoor jungle gym seems to be one of the most trendy products bought by the American parents for their kids in the last several years. You shouldn’t do a ton of research to find a reason: there is a significant increase in the regular mental load and the rhythm of life. As a result, kids need to have an opportunity to get rest, spend time with fun, and practice physical exercises. The lack of play will result in negative health outcomes and high levels of anxiety and stress.

In this case, an indoor jungle gym is a 100% lifesaver. An average homy gym has all the above-mentioned features: it is fun, kids can play on it, and such elements as gymnastic rings or monkey bars give a chance for children to develop their muscles. As a benefit, jungle gyms also save time for parents as they do not need to spend hours trying to get to the overcrowded play zones in parks. And kids will be able to indulge their play interest even in the rainiest and coldest evenings.

So, there is no doubt that indoor jungle gyms are a must have for any family today.

But where to buy a good one?

Playgrounds for sale: choice options

In general, it is quite hard to find a good small home playset for children available on the market. There are only several brands providing credible products that are safe for kids. These items can be very simple, such as a small plastic slide or a set of swings that can be hanged from a tree branch. But, they can also be more complex and combine several items like:

  • slide,
  • monkey bars,
  • rope ladder,
  • wooden ladder
  • swing
  • etc.

While choosing between the options, you should remember that not all of these features are needed for a good playground, since every child would be delighted even with a small slide. On the other hand, the more features a playground includes, the more exercise options will be gifted to kids. Accordingly, it’s better to choose a jungle gym with bigger amount of gaming opportunities.

Another essential criterion of choice is the material of a playground. There is a common dichotomy between plastic and wood and it’s obvious that wood is better not only because it’s natural but also because kids develop their sensory skills while touching it.

Finally, a perfect jungle gym should take up little space. If you live in an apartment or a smaller house, it might not be convenient to crowd your home with larger toys, unless they can be folded up. Even a simple playset that consists out of a slide and a ladder can take up needed space. If you have more than one child, it is very likely that the kids room is crowded already, so placing extra equipment there might be out of the question. Not all parents are delighted with the idea of squeezing a playground into their living room. Therefore, it’s a hard job for a manufacturer to forecast all in-house conditions but still an indoor playground has to be convenient for parents to manage and store.

The best jungle gym to buy

Among all options we highly recommend to check EZPlay jungle gyms. The company made sure that all play equipment is not only compact but also foldable.

They have 2 types of a kids jungle gym: Panda Indoor Playground and Koala Wooden Playset. There are also 2 color options for each of the playgrounds: Natural Finish and Multicolored. Panda Playground is actually a toddler jungle gym because it’s made for kids aged 1-4 and many parents purchase this playground for small kids who learn how to climb and explore the world. Koala Adventure is a big wooden playset for kids aged 4-10. Both playgrounds include up to 8 playing features: swings, ropes, ladder, monkey bars, slides, and even gymnastic rings. One of the biggest competitive advantages of EZPlay jungle gyms is that they are made from natural splinter-free ash wood and covered with safe water based paints.

indoor jungle gym for kids

EZPlay jungle gyms make it possible for kids to immerse in the world of imaginative play and find themselves on the pirate ships or in real jungles. Once children are done playing, parents can fold the set in minutes and store it almost anywhere.

Panda and Koala playsets got dozens of excellent reviews on Amazon, Google, and Facebook. It is fair to state that they are simply perfect for modern houses and apartments and they will surely beat the market in the nearest future.


Owning an indoor jungle gym will not only enable your kids and their friends to have an epic time together but it will also give you the convenience of choice and efficiency.

So what if you ever need a small playset? Choose the one that can be easily moved around and folded up as well as made safe and durable. We highly advice EZPlay jungle gyms that are made out of high-quality materials and they will last for many years to come. You can simply fold it and put it behind a wardrobe or in the hallway. Who says that parents have to make sacrifices so that their children could have a better life?