The Benefits Of Transcultural Nursing Essay

The Benefits Of Transcultural Nursing Essay

It seems fair to state that the ideas of transcultural nursing become more popular with each year. There are several reasons for the importance of the transcultural nursing specialty among the caregiving professionals.

  1. The principles of equality and freedom are still very important for the spiritual development of any community. The next step in the establishing of the equal treatment for all members of a society is to ensure the protection of their individuality by the nurses. Obviously, this idea is crucial for the functioning of democracy.
  2. The Western society continues being focused on the importance of the development of personality. Accordingly, even people living inside some specific community could have different views on the economic, political, or social problems. Needless to say, that it is beneficial for the nurses to use the concepts of transcultural nursing to better understand the needs of each specific individual.
  3. The respect for cultural background and experience is fundamental for the systematic solution of a patient’s problem. According to Joyce Giger (Giger 2016), “Nursing is a profession that is based on a holistic approach to health care delivery”. Therefore, a caregiver needs to ensure the use of all possible methods to achieve his or her professional purpose.
  4. The constant process of globalization leads to the formation of close links between the people from all parts of the planet. Margaret Andrews (Andrews 2015) states that it is rational for the nurses to observe all the aspects of the global culture to better understand the patients.
  5. It is obvious that globalization also implies the simplification of the visa regimes. It means that people will receive more opportunities to travel. In such case, it could become crucial for a nurse to know some aspects of a patient’s cultural background in order to guarantee the high level of services.
  6. Madeleine Leininger (Leininger 2002) points out that the examination of the cultural diversity helps nurses to enrich their spiritual worldview and better understand a patient. Thus, transcultural nursing helps to improve the professional qualities of a nurse.
  7. According to Marilyn McFarland (McFarland 2011), transcultural nursing skills become especially relevant for a nurse during a military conflict. For example, the influx of refugees from Syria is extremely challenging for the European and American medical institutions due to the absence of nurses with the knowledge of the Syrian cultural background.
  8. Finally, the courses of transcultural nursing could give an opportunity for a nurse to participate in the transnational healthcare projects. It becomes clear that transcultural nursing is an inevitable part of the modern caregiving profession.

As it has already been mentioned, cultural diversity plays a big role in the functioning of a fair society. Thus, cultural diversity implies the mutual respect for all types of worldview in case if they do not violate the rights of an individual. With the help of cultural diversity, it is possible to overcome the negative outcomes of racism in the U.S. and nationalism in Europe. Evidently, many modern conflicts, especially connected with the terrorist attacks, happen due to the absence of respect for the opinion of the other cultures.

I suppose that it is crucial for a nurse to be culturally sensitive in relations with a patient. I try to avoid any prejudice while establishing the contact with a patient. Simultaneously, I always aim to discuss some common spiritual problems with each patient in order to better understand his or her worldview. Finally, I read books about the cultural peculiarities of a patient in case if there exists a gap between my and his or her values and life experience. I am confident that all these steps give me a chance to better do my job and satisfy a patient.

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