Terms and Conditions Film By Cullen Hoback Analysis

Terms and Conditions Film By Cullen Hoback Analysis

Terms and Conditions documentary film directed by Cullen Hoback discusses one of the most relevant issues of the modern technically advanced society, which is privacy (Hoback 2013). Evidently, it is almost impossible to underestimate the importance of the Internet and computers in the 21st century. The economy of almost all world’s countries depends on the development of the computer technologies. Consequently, the vast majority of the worlds’ population use software and have accounts in social media. The film shows that many big IT corporations use their power to get the private information about their clients. For instance, Google stores information about a person’s search queries. However, the biggest problem is that a user personally agrees to provide some facts for a company. The peculiarities of this agreement are discussed in the Terms and Conditions section of a software product installation. The companies force users to read a huge amount of text in order to understand all the aspects of an agreement. Needless to say, that many users agree to the terms without reading them in order to save time. Moreover, many people do not know about the risks of such an indifferent attitude towards contract signing. This negligence of users gives a unique opportunity for the companies to legally obtain all personal information, which could be further sold to third parties. The film points out the importance of social counteraction to such policies of the IT companies. It is crucial for activists to explain to people that the protection of privacy is an inevitable part of the democratic and liberal society’s functioning. For instance, conformity could lead to the establishment of the global surveillance. Accordingly, users need to read terms and conditions and avoid purchasing the products of dishonest companies.

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