Telehealth Nursing Essay: Remote Patient Monitoring

Telehealth Nursing Essay: Remote Patient Monitoring

There is no doubt that telehealth becomes more popular with each year. It happens due to the rapid technology growth, especially in the sphere of communication. It is possible to state that one of the fundamental needs of the elderly people is the necessity to ask for help in the urgent cases. Evidently, modern technologies provide a variety of several opportunities for patients to contact a doctor. For instance, smartphones give an opportunity for a patient to establish an audiovisual conference with a caregiver. The development of the special medical tablets for video and phone calls can make it easier for elderly people to understand the technical aspect of the process.

Unfortunately, it could be very hard for the elderly people to make a phone call with the help of a smartphone or Skype in case if they feel sick. Therefore, the development of the specific gadgets or applications for such cases could help to solve the existing problem. It is rational to invent the qualitative monitoring systems, which sends the information about a patient’s health directly to the hospital. In such case, a doctor or nurse will receive the urgent message even if a patient is a consciousness. Dawna Martich (Martich 2016) points out that the creation of a unified technical solution with the high level of automation could lead to the revolution in the basic caregiving approaches. Therefore, the integration of these technologies in the performance of hospitals or caregiving centers is an essential step in order to achieve progress in the nearest future.

It is necessary to mention that remote patient monitoring also implies the long-term analysis of an individual’s health state and the control of the medications’ intake. It means that a patient will receive a specific sound signal, which will indicate the time of taking medications. A caregiver could regularly maintain the everyday schedule. Accordingly, it will not be crucial for a patient to apply some specific knowledge in order to get the benefits of telehealth.

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