Subjective and Objective Opinion in the Activities of a Politician

Subjective and Objective Opinion in the Activities of a Politician

The current paper aims to discuss the dialectics of subjective and objective measures in the activities of politician. There is no doubt that the subjective interpretation of any issue or legal aspect of community’s functioning is an essential part of politician’s work. The personal view on the problems guarantees the unique solution for each case. Thus, the electorate usually chooses the candidate for his individual skills and worldview. These skills give the politician an opportunity to make unexpected moves and achieve success in debates. Therefore, subjective measures are important for the productivity of democratic process and improvement of community values.

Nevertheless, the excessive subjectivism is very dangerous for the politician because the absence of third-party opinion has a negative result on the development of the new laws. The politician is usually the representative of the collective interest. In such case, the objective opinion of the electorate is crucial for the adoption of the final decision. It is crucial to conduct a research to understand the opinion of the electorate. Unfortunately, mostly all politicians are partly egocentric, which undermines the welfare of the community. It happens because the private interests could become more important for the politician than the values of his or her electorate (Peikoff 103). For instance, the politician could ignore the demands of his followers to propose a new pension law only due to the subjective pensions institute criticism. Consequently, personal beliefs will result in a violation of the democratic rights of the citizens (Rubner 87).

Evidently, a politician needs to have several consultants or advisors, who could give useful tips regarding the details of each political step. Such scheme is crucial for analytical researchers of the political situation. The advisors can represent some groups of the politician’s electorate. The cooperation with the consultants provides politician a chance to analyze each situation with the help of the objective measures and take the correct decision.

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