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Application Essay about personal experience

It is essential to note that I was not interested in art in my early childhood. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading books, especially fairy tales and historic novels. These stories gave me an opportunity to develop the world of my dreams. I understood that the surrounding reality is not perfect sometimes. At the same time, the main heroes of my favorite novels always succeeded in transformation of the world. It became clear for me that we all are responsible for our environment. There is no doubt that art is one of the basic forms of making our common life brighter. It is possible to beautify each day with the help of music, art, design, and writing. Therefore, I started trying to perform in many different spheres of creative activities.

First, it was very interesting to write small stories about my life. I had a diary where I expressed my ideas about my own life and life of my friends and relatives. I drew many pictures, which revealed my emotional state. Furthermore, I achieved success in writing my first poems about love and friendship. The diary helped me to find my own style of expression and determine my “self” and my personal wishes.

Second, I enjoyed drawing pictures, especially the scenery. I admire the works of the impressionists and their philosophy of moment (Wolf 103). Therefore, I tried to catch the beauty of sunset or the calmness of the sea with the help of paints. I think I achieved success in some of my works.

Finally, I started making photos because photography is the most affordable way of self-expression (Barnbaum 28). I tried to make portraits of people because I wanted to demonstrate several social issues connected with poverty and stratification. It is possible to conclude that my past experience was very useful for the development of my talents in art.

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