She Loves Me Musical Analysis Essay

She Loves Me Musical Analysis Essay


The current paper aims to examine She Loves Me musical developed by Joe Masteroff, Sheldon Harnick, and Jerry Bock. It is possible to suggest that She Loves Me story seems to be one of the most famous and popular romantic musicals of all times. The audience highly appreciates the dialectical interconnection of the plot and the music, which is used to highlight the hidden idea. The study shows that there are several reasons for the success of the musical. First, the authors masterfully interpret a classic story of relations between two people in anonymous correspondence. The inability of the penitents to get to know each other in real life results in the appearance of a humorous atmosphere. Second, the narrative line of the musical constantly maintains tension. It is hard to predict the next step of the characters and the denouement of the plot. Third, the music perfectly suits the events of the story. Finally, the rational use of the background characters helps the authors to discuss the deep issues of death, love, and devotion, which complicates the plot and makes it more thoughtful.

Keywords: She Loves Me, musical, romantic

Musical Theater Studies: She Loves Me

There is no doubt that She Loves Me musical is considered as one of the most successful romantic stories in the history of musicals. The narrative of this theatrical work partly reminds Much Ado About Nothing written by William Shakespeare. Thus, the chaotic actions observed by the audience have a hidden meaning, which becomes obvious at the end of the musical. The dialogues of the characters play a big role in the change of their behavioral patterns. Therefore, there are always important events on the stage.

It is necessary to note that the basic strategy of the authors is to develop a feeling of humorous suspense, which is based on the fact that Amalia and Georg do not know the truth about the identity of their penitents. Accordingly, there appears an absurd element of a cognitive dissonance in their behavior, which leads to the formation of a humorous mood. The authors succeed to build a narrative line with a constant increase in expectations of the final decisions. The audience could not predict the future of Georg and Amalia, which strengthens public interest in what is happening.

Simultaneously, the rational choice of music gives an opportunity for the authors to place accents and show hidden meanings of different scenes. Therefore, a viewer is completely immersed in the contemplation of the story. It is crucial to mention that the background characters, such as Mr. Maraczek, Ilona Ritter, and Steven Kodaly are essential for the development of the plot because their decisions stimulate Georg and Amalia to reveal their identity to each other.

It becomes clear that the intricacies of relationships and the constant emotional tension make the musical attractive for an audience. It should be concluded that She Loves Me musical is a brilliant example of storytelling with the authentic interpretation of the classic plot and new vision of human relations in the modern age.

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