Self-Assessment Essay: My Academic Writing Achievements

Self-Assessment Essay: My Academic Writing Achievements

I see the significant growth in my skills of academic writing. I have found many introductory phrases, which I use to build the sentences and better reveal the basic idea. Furthermore, the usage of examples helps me to explain some specific thought, which needs to be better described for the reader. It became clear that the primary plan of writing is core for the formation of the logically accurate narrative. At the same time, I have studied qualitative stylistic approaches, which guarantee the better quality of the final paper in terms of text readability.

I guess that I could improve my skills in the choice of the necessary words and phrases in different contexts of the study. I have found that I repeat in the usage of the descriptive phrases. It is hard to use the literary text phrases because they are less academic. Therefore, I need to read some scientific articles with the big number of logical transitions and argumentation. Thus, I suppose that my vocabulary is not good. At the same time, I think that I need to work more on grammar because I could misuse some letters in the words. The analysis of my texts shows that I also make some mistakes with punctuation. I hope to improve these aspects of academic writing.

My primary improvement goal is to ensure that the usage of the words in my papers is diversified. I want to enlarge my vocabulary and add more academic and descriptive phrases, which would have a positive impact on the explanation of my ideas. I want to read more books and scientific articles in order to achieve this aim. According to the personality theories, the regular writing practice could also be useful for me (Friedman, 2010). I suppose that I could make the specific list of the new words, which would be helpful for me in writing academic papers. Thus, I would have the possibility to control the achievement of my aim.

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Friedman, Howard. (2010). Personality: Classic Theories and Modern Research. Pearson Publishing. 563.