Secondary Trauma Essay

Secondary Trauma Essay

It is essential to note that I did not have any experience with secondary trauma. Nevertheless, I think that it is not easy to make a correct response in case of the emergence of this problem. Evidently, one of the most dangerous aspects of the secondary trauma is related to burnout, which is an emotional or even existential exhaustion caused by the occupational stress. Burnout makes it harder for an individual to protect himself from the secondary trauma due to the lack of inner psychophysical resources. Consequently, it is essential for any person to take a short break from work in order to protect the mind from the potential burnout and getting secondary trauma during the process of social work (Rubin 2012).

There is no doubt that secondary trauma could have a destructive impact on the family life of an individual. Obviously, the situation depends on the severity of the secondary trauma and its nature. In any case, children are in the risk group due to their vulnerability. The child’s psychic state is not yet balanced. Therefore, they acutely experience any injustice. The manifestations of aggression by their parents could contribute to the formation of closed and anxious nature. Moreover, secondary trauma could be transferred to children as a result of their susceptibility.

The intimate relations between the husband and wife depend on the state of their mental health. Accordingly, secondary trauma creates a threat to family happiness. The hidden stress and frustration lead to the reduction of productive interaction between spouses. Furthermore, some secondary traumas could seriously undermine mental health and make it hard for individuals to find the inner strength for everyday activities. It becomes clear that secondary trauma causes systematic issues in family life, especially in the absence of therapeutic actions. It is rational for the social workers to pay more attention to their mental condition to prevent the formation of secondary trauma.

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