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Cultural discrimination as one of the most relevant employment discrimination cases

Employment Discrimination Cases: Cultural Discrimination

Cultural discrimination is one of the most relevant employment discrimination cases in the modern world. It happens due to the fact that many people find jobs abroad as a result of globalization. Consequently, more and more individuals can face biased attitude due to their cultural background. The paper makes a deep analysis of the reasons…
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The trial and the behavior of Socrates

Trial of Socrates: Does Socrates Offer a Strong Defense Against the Charges Against Him

The trial and the death of Socrates is regularly studied in the universities because this case is very interesting for all people who think about such life issues as fairness and duty. Evidently, Socrates demonstrated a very powerful character during the trial. This paper makes an analysis how he provided a defense against the charges…
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The summary of the Epic of Gilgamesh in terms of the perception of death in Mesopotamia and the poem

Epic of Gilgamesh Summary: The Attitude to Death in The Poem and Mesopotamian Society

The Epic of Gilgamesh is a famous epic poem written in Ancient Mesopotamia. It is probably the earliest work of literature in the human history. Obviously, this fact makes this poem unique, especially for historians who try to analyze how Mesopotamian society functioned thousands years before. In this paper, we examine how people of Mesopotamia…
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Essay about Groundwork of The Metaphysics of Morals written by Immanuel Kant

Kant Groundwork of The Metaphysics of Morals

Immanuel Kant is considered as one of the most influential philosophers of all time, partly for his brilliant¬†Groundwork¬†Metaphysics of Morals. This is actually his first mature work on the issues of moral philosophy. However, it remains the most influential in the studies of Kant’s ethical system. The current essay provides an analysis of all three…
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Essay about the elements of Divine Comedy written by Dante

Divine Comedy by Dante Essay

Divine Comedy seems to be one of the most prominent literary works in the human history. Dante succeeded to create a touching narrative about human destiny and fundamental spiritual aims. In the current paper, we discuss the allegory of three beasts, the inclusion of Limbo in Inferno, and the issues of Dante’s meeting with Francesca.¬†…
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One of the ethical concerns of modern business is whistleblowing, and this paper discusses what is whistleblowing

What Is Whistleblowing Essay

Whistleblowing is one of the crucial ethical concerns of any big company. On the one side, it is rational for managers to stimulate whistleblowing because it gives a chance for a company to become better. On the other hand, whistleblowing can cause danger because employees reveal various secret aspects of company’s functioning. The current paper…
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Essay about the elements of biblical worldview on the basis of the excerpt 1-8 from Romans

Biblical Worldview: Romans 1-8 Essay

This paper discusses one of the essential parts of the Bible, – Romans 1-8. In this part of the Holy texts, it is possible to find many great ideas regarding the Christian view on natural world, human identity, culture, and human relationships. There is no doubt that Romans 1-8 excerpt is truly a key to…
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Academic paper about age discrimination in the workplace on the basis of several theoretical approaches

Age discrimination in the workplace: theoretical approaches to the issues of ageism

There seems to be no doubt that age discrimination in the workplace is one of the most challenging issues of the modern world. Evidently, many elder people face biased attitude despite their high professional qualities and dedication to their job. It happens only because ageism is still a kind of norma in many companies. The…
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3A1 Project essay: Walmart Stores Inc and Target Corporation Financial Statements Comparison

3A1 Project: Walmart Stores Inc and Target Corporation Financial Statements Comparison

Students regularly face the necessity to compare financial statements and annual reports of two big corporations in order to identify the level of professionalism in creation of these reports, to analyze the fundamental principles of building statements, and to develop thinking skills. In the current paper, you are welcome to check the comparison between Walmart…
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