Robert Browning And The Victorian Epoch Essay

Robert Browning And The Victorian Epoch

It is necessary to note that Robert Browning is a famous playwright and poet of the Victorian epoch. He was born in a suburb of London in May 1812. His family represented a middle class of the British society. Thus, his father was a clerk in a bank and a great lover of literature. As a result, there were more than five thousand books in the Browning family library. Needless to say, that such a collection gave an opportunity for young Robert to read books and examine the style of the other authors. Moreover, Robert’s father helped his son to understand the difficult philosophical works of the Ancient times, which was crucial for the mental development of the young boy. Robert’s mother was a virtuous pianist and very religious person. She loved her son very much and tried to help him to find his path. Thus, both parents made many efforts for the development of their son. Robert received an excellent education in writing, music, dancing, and even drawing.

There seems to be no doubt that fate favored the poet at the beginning of his life. His family always supported his efforts to become a writer. He wrote his first poems at the age of twelve. In 1833, Robert Browning published the first work, Pauline. This attempt to conquer the hearts and minds of an audience failed. The criticism helped the poet to focus on the improvement of his style and technique. He did not write much but constantly read the works of the other authors. In few years, he felt in love and married Elizabeth Barrett who also was a poet. Unfortunately, this marriage was not long. Robert’s wife died in 1861. He stayed with his son and decided to engage in professional writing activities.

The first success came to Robert Browning after the publication of The Ring and the Book series in 1868. The poet wrote this long poem for almost five years. The plot of The Ring and the Book tells the story of murder, which happened in Rome in the 17th century. This narrative is an impressive and inspiring effort made by Robert Browning to represent some common life event as a dramatic and touching story. There seems to be no doubt that the poet succeeded to achieve his aim because the Victorian society accepted this work with a sincere delight. As a result, Robert Browning became commercially successful, which gave him a unique opportunity to focus on literature. Evidently, the followers of the poet founded the Browning Society during his life.

It becomes clear that the literary activities of Robert Browning were very important for the people of the Victorian epoch. Moreover, Browning’s heritage is still considered to be very popular. For instance, the famous The Pied Piper of Hamelin children’s poem is widely known in England. It is crucial to note that the plays of the poet are also highly appreciated, especially for the use of the dramatic monologs and rationalization of many life problems. Thus, Robert Browning explained many deep thoughts about the Victorian society and human nature in such plays as Fifine at the Fair, Bells and Pomegranates, and Charles. In his poems, he mostly discussed the issues of faith, truth, and morality. It is possible to conclude that Robert Browning could be considered as the prominent poet of the Victorian era due to the honed style of his works, complex ethical narration motives, and calibrated rhythm of story-telling.

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