Reflective Essay: My Writing Skills and Progress

Reflective Essay: My Writing Skills and Progress


There seems to be no doubt that my writing skills have significantly improved during the course. There were several reasons for the existence of the progress, such as my dedication to the educational aims, the high quality of the course materials, and the help of the teacher and my peers during the writing process. The current paper aims to observe my basic writing achievements in accordance with the challenges and struggles, which seems to be common for all academic writers. It is essential to highlight that the examination of this constant improvement process is conducted in the form of the analytical essay, which has a perfect structure for the statement of a specific thought. In such case, it is rational to observe my primary writing skills and detect all the basic stages of the personal development as an academic writer.

Body Analysis

It is crucial to mention that one of the fundamental achievements of the course is that it gave me an opportunity to understand the benefits of planning and time management. Evidently, it is hard for a student to understand that it is impossible to create a qualitative academic text without the plan of the future activities. Thus, many students consider tough deadlines as a negative educational practice. On the other hand, the absence of free time provides a chance to appreciate it.

I faced several issues with the deadlines. As a result, I decided to start any writing project with the detailed plan of the activities. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to understand what are the steps of the academic writing process in order to make a qualitative plan. Consequently, the second lesson for me was to divide the structural process of writing into the several successive steps.

The systematic approach is beneficial for the understanding of the fact that academic writing is not only about writing. It means that there are also many other activities, which play a central role in the final result of the paper. First, an academic writer has to understand the topic, which he or she is going to examine. Fortunately, we mostly have specially formulated tasks. However, the search of the actual topic to discuss is an inevitable part of the scientific discourse. Second, an academic writer needs to read many other scholar articles and books related to the topic of discussion. The importance of the literature analysis is usually underestimated by the students. It seemed possible to take some information from Wikipedia at the beginning of the course. The explanation of the teacher made it clear that a scientist uses only credible sources.

Third, it is rational for an academic writer to state the hypothesis of the study. It means that there should be some assumption, which will be discussed in the scientific study. The existence of this assumption helps an academic writer to focus on the central idea and use the facts in order to prove or refute some argument. Therefore, any scientific work becomes a good example of the dialectical thinking process.

Finally, an academic writer starts to write. It was extremely hard for me to adapt to the specific academic language. For instance, any academic writer uses “we” or “I” in the study. It shows that his or her work has a purpose to reveal the situation regarding some topic objectively. Furthermore, the sentences have to be interconnected with the logical connectives. The formation of the academic writing skills is a complicated process, which requires time and regular training. I regularly used vocabulary and special books to improve my understanding of the academic style. It is possible to state that the development of an accurate and clear style is one of my biggest achievements during the course.

It becomes obvious that it is quite hard to follow the deadlines in academic writing without planning. Nevertheless, it is also essential to plan the structure of the academic paper. There are many types of academic papers, such as an argumentative essay or a reflective essay. They usually have different purpose and structure. Accordingly, the study of difference helped me to use an appropriate style in each specific case.

One of the secondary challenges, which I faced during the course, was the importance of the correct structuring of sentences and the use of an appropriate grammar. The analysis of my first papers shows that it was hard for me to avoid several mistakes, especially in punctuation and choice of the words. The problem is that academic writing requires the vocabulary improvement. For example, it was beneficial to examine the words connected with the geological topic while writing the paper about the geological tour. It is harder to solve the spelling issue. I suppose that I still face some issues with the quality of grammar. Nevertheless, I hope that the further writing projects and consultations with the teacher will provide me a chance to improve my writing skills.


It is possible to conclude that my writing skills have significantly improved during the course. I have improved the quality of the academic planning and time management. Moreover, I developed the understanding of the academic style and different types of academic papers. I want to use my current experience in the further academic activities. For instance, I want to find some specific research topic, which is especially interesting for me. Thus, I want to become a scientist myself in order to better understand all the aspects of the academic writing process. There is no doubt that academic writing could be a fascinating activity with an unpredictable result.

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