Redistribution of Educational Results Idea Analysis

Redistribution of Educational Results Idea Analysis

The primary issue of the discussed redistribution of the educational results is that it is unfair. Evidently, any educational result is based on the performance of the student. The evaluation of the student’s work depends on his or her dedication and focus on the studies. Consequently, the redistribution of the educational results would undermine the entire system of the student’s knowledge assessment. In such case, many students would ignore the necessity to work hard because their results will be negative as a result of the general mistakes of the group. It is possible to suggest that the quality of student’s knowledge would become lower with each year. It means that the implementation of such a system is dangerous for the entire system of education.

It is essential to note that the redistribution of wealth and the redistribution of the educational results is not the same thing. Thus, the evaluation of a student is usually very subjective. At the same time, the taxes used to help people suffering from diabetes give an opportunity to solve an objective issue. The functioning of the human civilization is based on the rational use of wealth. For instance, many R&D programs in the sphere of literature or ethics could seem useless. However, it is impossible for the society to optimize the functioning of the main institutions without the development of ethical theories and retranslation of the spiritual experience with the help of books. It becomes clear that it is not fair to compare the redistribution of educational results and the redistribution of wealth.

As it has already been mentioned, the redistribution of wealth is beneficial for the protection of the citizens from several illnesses. The fact is that all people are different. The difference is not connected with gender, race, or ethnicity but with the health issues. Many people are born with some problems. It is essential for the society to give an equal opportunity for all citizens. Unfortunately “in addition to wealth inequality, income inequality had increased dramatically in the past few decades in many countries” (Berman 2016). Accordingly, it is harder for some people to cope with their health issues without the redistribution of wealth. In such case, the government needs to think about the community-oriented tax policies.

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