Pros And Cons Of The Global Government Essay

Pros And Cons Of The Global Government Essay

There seems to be no doubt that the idea of the global government or the formation of some specific meta-organization with enormous economic powers is regularly discussed by different activists and political leaders. For instance, David Rockefeller always supported the popularization of liberal ideas throughout the world. He wanted to ensure that more and more countries would engage in the globalization process. The followers of Rockefeller’s ideas support the policies of open borders and the further simplification of the visa regimes throughout the world.

Obviously, such an initiative could have many positive outcomes. First, the global government will give an opportunity for the transnational companies to start the previously unprecedented projects. For example, such companies as Google or Tesla try to change the world today with the help of the existing resources and abilities (Waters, 2016, 82-83). Thus, Tesla’s aim is to provide the service of space flights for the common people. The access to the global resources and tax privileges will make it easier for such companies to achieve their aims and implement qualitatively new innovations.

Second, the global government could control the sustainability of the markets with the help of the systematic measures. It means that the probability of the financial crisis could decrease. On the other hand, many people criticize the idea of the global government due to the fear that the key power will make a serious mistake in taking the important decision (Rodrik, 2012, 134). Thus, such mistake could probably lead to more destructive outcomes than the mistake of some specific local government.

At the same time, some people state that it is better to limit the power of corporations to guarantee social equality and the decrease of the income gap between the owners of these companies and common people. Accordingly, it is beneficial for the global community to carefully count all options before taking the final decision because there are both pros and cons, which can have a big impact on the functioning of the global community.

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