Progress Letter Example: Writing Skills Improvement

Progress Letter Example: Writing Skills Improvement

Dear (Instructor’s Name),

There seems to be no doubt that the quarter was extremely productive for me regarding the improvement of the writing skills. Thus, I suppose that I received valuable knowledge and experience, which I would later use during the Writing 39A level. It is important to note that it was not easy for me to pass through all challenges. The biggest challenges for me were to meet deadlines and cope with my grammar mistakes. Evidently, it is crucial to be very attentive and patient in order to cope with these challenges. For example, the improvement of grammar requires long-term examination of the rules and constant consultations with the peers and professionals. It was also hard for me to develop a clear and concise structure of the paper. Accordingly, I used to create a personal system of planning in order to ensure that I will provide a good paper in time. I suppose that the first task had the biggest impact on my personal growth as a writer because it was extremely hard for me to cope with all its demands. I faced the necessity to overcome all the issues of a beginner in the writing course. Nevertheless, I think that all the difficulties tempered my character and gave me a unique opportunity to mobilize and achieve the required purpose. Therefore, I am able to cope with the complicated writing tasks in a short-term period today.

It is important to note that the first assignment was especially useful for the development of my planning skills. Unfortunately, I have been ignoring the deadline for some time due to personal problems. As a result, it became crucial for me to cope with the task in few days. The process of planning was fundamental for the achievement of the positive result. I examined several articles regarding the principles of the scientific research. It helped me to understand that writing comes after the deep analysis of various sources. It means that writing also implies analysis and synthesis of data and structuring of the paper. I created a plan of actions and accumulated all my resources to cope with the task in time. This dramatic experience demonstrated me the limits of my possibilities. Simultaneously, I made a conclusion that it is better to cope with the tasks in time.

I suppose that the consultations with my peers and instructor were also valuable for the progress in writing. It is usually very hard to notice personal mistakes. Consequently, the review of the peers reveals the shortcoming of the paper even better than the most accurate personal analysis. The advice of my instructor helped me to improve my style and vocabulary. I regularly made grammar mistakes. It is obvious that this problem is still relevant for me. Consequently, I try to re-read the text and analyze all potential mistakes with the help of different online programs. Nevertheless, the evaluation of my papers by the other people makes my grammar constantly better.

In conclusion, I want to give thanks for all those people who contributed to my progress, especially to my instructor. Undoubtedly, it is essential for me to continue the improvement of my writing style during the next level. However, I could state that the first step is successful because I know the fundamentals of the qualitative writing.

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