Personal Plan of Education Process Essay

Personal Plan of Education Process Essay

There seems to be no doubt that it is crucial for a student to develop a rational plan of the educational process. Thus, the first step in the improvement of my current educational results is to read all the required chapters after each class in order to get more information about the discussed topic and keep up with the class. At the same time, it is possible to find some additional information regarding the topic on the Internet. Fortunately, online education is very popular today, which makes it possible for a student to get many useful data while watching free lectures on YouTube or Coursera. I suppose that it is rational to read the additional information in the first days after the class because such a strategy is beneficial for the human’s memory.

Second, I have a plan to keep writing informative notes during the lectures and discussions. The note-taking plays a fundamental role in the remembering of any data. Moreover, notes help to remind many dates and facts. Moreover, it is easier for me to discuss some topic on the basis of the existing notes in order to use several arguments in the process of the dialogue.

Finally, it is crucial for me to solve the deadline issue. It is usually very hard for me to start the project in time. It is obvious that such problem is common for many modern people. It happens due to the fact that we live in the world of entertainment. Thus, we prefer to spend time reading social media, visiting the cinema, or playing games rather than working. I think that I need to develop my willpower in order to avoid procrastination and cope with all the educational projects in time. Accordingly, I will use accurate planning to start making all the assignments in time.

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