Personal Data Privacy Issues Essay

Personal Data Privacy Issues Essay

It is fair to state that people have a right to be protected from all the companies who want to gather the information about the online activities. The only exception is the specific decision of the court, which could be used during the trial or investigation. In all other cases, the Internet provider and the websites are obliged to hide the information about a user from third parties.

Unfortunately, the situation in real life seriously differs. The owners of the websites use the data about a visitor’s activities in order to promote some products or earn money by selling this information to another company. For instance, Google possesses a unique opportunity to control almost all the search requests of a user. Consequently, it is easy for a company to create a promotion campaign with direct targeting. It becomes clear that people should not expect that the information about their accounts or activities will be protected due to the fact that the companies pay a lot of money for getting such a data.

It is obvious that the users themselves need to protect the most secret information from publishing it in social media. It is almost impossible to ensure that the hackers will not steal some file. At the same time, a great responsibility lies with the companies, which provide different services. For example, big corporations need to guarantee the consecutive deletion of information about users. The corporate ethics has to proclaim the necessity for all employees not to disclose any facts about the users to third parties. Needless to say, that the sale of date should be prohibited in any forms. Finally, the government needs to control the market and find all suspicious cases. The deputies have to find the best possible privacy laws in order to avoid serious pressure on the companies and ensure the satisfaction of the users’ interests. It is possible to conclude that all participants of this business process are responsible for the protection of information.

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