Oranges Poem By Gary Soto Analysis

Oranges Poem By Gary Soto Analysis

It is possible to suggest that the Oranges poem written by Gary Soto is a brilliant example of a realistic narrative describing the events of the past. Thus, the poem tells a story about the first date of the author or a narrator. The main character is a young boy who is twelve. He goes on his first date with a girl. There is nothing special or extraordinary in their walk. They just go to the drugstore and buy chocolate. Nevertheless, the verse creates a wonderful feeling of lightness and optimism. There are few reasons for such a positive perception of the Oranges poem.

First, the structure of the poem gives a unique opportunity for the author to completely put a reader in the stream of memories. Evidently, the poem looks holistic and indivisible. The transitions between the ideas and events are smooth. It means that a reader follows the story of these youngsters step by step. It seems obvious that an audience does not need to know about some additional information regarding the life of the main characters. Thus, the author makes everything possible to create a complete story. As a result, it is easy to understand that the poem is about a young boy going on his first date. Therefore, a reader could distract from logical reflections and attempts to find a hidden meaning and just enjoy this story. Needless to say, that such a mental relaxation improves the perception of emotions. Accordingly, the author succeeds to prepare an audience for the perception of the poem character’s experience and feelings.

Second, it is rational to assume that the events of this story are common almost for all readers. The first date is not always associated with some perfect experience due to the potential issues, which could appear during this important event. Nevertheless, the flow of time usually smoothes out all the troubles and leave kind and warm memories of this event. Consequently, the poem gives a unique opportunity for a reader to remember his or her first attempts to build relationships and compare them with the first date of a young twelve-year-old boy.

Finally, Gary Soto uses the minimalistic style to tell the story. The sentences are small and concise. All the words a clear for an audience. The contrast between cold December weather and the warm relations between the characters pleases the reader. The general impression is intensified by the lack of dialogues. For instance, a boy and a saleswoman understand each other without any words. This silence hides the world of the poem from external influences.

It should be concluded that the Oranges poem is an inspiring and touching poetic creation. The poem reveals the history of the first date of a young boy, which makes it possible for all readers to remind their own experience and rejoice at those wonderful years of childhood. This poem is especially good for reading in the current information age with its pressure of everyday data about politics, business, military conflicts, and crisis because it became hard for an individual to find something really valuable and stable in this life. The minimalistic approach in the construction of the plot and sentences emphasizes the magic of the memories and points out that it is not important to talk a lot to be happy.

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