Nursing Metapardigm Concepts Essay

Nursing Metapardigm Concepts Essay

It is essential to note that the American Nurses Association interprets the phenomenon of nursing as the summary of different functions. First, nursing is crucial for the “protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities” (American Nurses Association 2018). It means that the primary mission of any nurse is to ensure the successive improvement of the healthcare system. Second, nursing implies attempts to prevent injuries or illnesses during the process of healing and after its finish. Third, nurses are responsible for attentive attitude to the patient and need to make every possible contribution to his or her recovery. Finally, the ANA points out that the “advocacy in the care of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations” is crucial for the existing of the institution of nursing (American Nurses Association 2018).

Evidently, there are four basic nursing metapardigm concepts, which reveal the most important areas of nursing practice. These four concepts are Person, Health, Nursing, and Environment. The definition given by the ANA is created with the help of all four concepts. Thus, the ANA states that nurses have to help patients to avoid illnesses and find the power to restore his or her health. This part of the definition is related to the Health concept. The Nursing concept states that nurses need to possess enough professional knowledge to ensure the best possible service. The ANA’s definition assumes that nurses are able to protect a patient from illnesses, wrong diagnosis, or bad healthcare services. This comprehensive understanding of the challenges shows that the definition takes into account the Nursing paradigm. The Person paradigm is addressed through the focus on the advocacy of different social groups and individuals. This part of the definition means that people will receive care in accordance with the peculiarities of their background. Finally, the fourth Environment paradigm also adjoins the definition because the ANA highlights the importance of the organization of the optimal environment for a patient treatment. Consequently, the definition given by the ANA corresponds to the nursing metaparadigm concepts.

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