Nonhuman Loss Personal Experience Essay

Nonhuman Loss Personal Experience Essay

There seems to be no doubt that we regularly face nonhuman loss in our everyday life. It happens due to the fact that everything has a shelf life. The attitude of people towards these cases is usually relatively calm because we understand the finiteness of things. However, there are some situations when we undergo an unexpected loss of a valuable item, which afflicts us much stronger. The effect of surprise stimulates the emergence of the grief of loss especially when the thing was recently purchased. The similar situation happened with me due to my negligence.

Two years ago, I used to pass through an extremely unpleasant experience due to the loss of smartphone. My new smartphone, which brought me a lot of joy from the acquisition, was stolen by an unknown person. It happened in the mall on a normal day off, when I visited stores to buy some necessary products and have rest. It is possible to state that I was much distracted by the fitting of clothes. Therefore, I did not notice the loss for a long period of time. I still do not know the moment when the smartphone was stolen. I could not lose it because it always was in my rear pocket of backpack. At some point, I noticed that the pocket was open. There was no phone in the backpack. My inattention gave an opportunity for the thief to escape.

I felt terrible because of the loss. This smartphone was very important for me for several reasons. It is rational to state that people are partly addicted to new technologies today because we live in the epoch of a rapid progress. I am not an exception because I enjoy using new gadgets. People can criticize technology, but gadgets do have the power of attraction due to their high utility. For instance, smartphone provided me a chance to be aware of all the latest news and interact with my peers. I played games and took photos to share them in social media. Moreover, smartphone is a part of the modern style. It means that the loss of this thing led to the loss of many opportunities of how to spend time because the smartphone was a part of my regular life. Furthermore, this model was quite expensive. Consequently, I suffered a considerable moral and material loss.

The second reason to feel grief was the fact that I blamed myself for the loss. This psychological factor was very painful because it was hard to put up with such an incident. I wanted to blame someone in this. However, the only culprit was me because of it irrational to carry valuables in a backpack. At the same time, the thief could not steal my smartphone if I was more attentive. Obviously, the employees of the shopping center must record such violations. On the other hand, it is impossible to notice all thefts.

Finally, I realized that I did not have an opportunity to buy a new smartphone. However, it was essential for me to make phone calls and use various apps for study. I also experienced a feeling of physical attachment to the gadget. I mechanically tried to find a smartphone in my pocket for several times. As a result, I fell into a state of frustration, which lasted for few days.

The search for the thief did not yield results and I decided to postpone negative thoughts and start saving for a new smartphone. I succeeded to buy a new model in three months. For this time, I got used to the lack of my gadget. I noticed that life can be beautiful without technology. I often communicated with people personally instead of writing them in social media. It is easier for me now to cope with a loss of a thing. I suppose that such life lessons are very useful for the character formation. It becomes clear that this nonhuman loss taught me how to be independent of things.

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