My First Experience Of Participation In Community Essay

My First Experience Of Participation In Community Essay

To start up, I want to say that my first experience of participation in community happened when I was a pupil of middle school. Some memories of that time will appear in my story. The way is that in school we had a serious research centre for young talents, where everyone had a chance to work with different scientific projects. Just at that time I was fond of reading books, and I should say, that it was quite hard to find someone to communicate about the plot I liked and emotions I experienced. My close friends preferred sport games, so I was in some sense spiritually outcast boy. One day at the brown advertising board I have noticed the piece of paper, announcing the creation of new sociological research community, where anyone could find his fellows in any kind of sociological activity. I can not say that I am very communicative, but some thoughts about the possibilities, which I could get during the participation in the project, convinced me to come to the organizational meeting. There I saw a small group of pupils from different classes, who looked complexed and a bit scared. I should thank the teacher, who was the leader of this project, because from the first minutes he understood the main problem of all of us. I am speaking about the lack of understanding, a feeling of shame because of our hidden thoughts and emotions, some hardships with getting new acquaintances and our conviction that we are alone against the whole world. He decided to show us that we are mistaking, and suggested an idea, which was extremely intriguing for us.

The sense of our potential research was to make a big statistic project, which would describe the psychological problems of pupils of our school. We had to make a survey, which could show what children are afraid to speak with others. Many of us found something great in such an idea, and we agreed to participate in project.

At the beginning of our common activities we could not find any common language and had many little quarrels, especially for the leadership in making decisions. Two participants of our group refused to work. Someone told that we have no chances even at the beginning. We do not know psychology and we have never tried to make such kind of job. Will it make sense? The main problem was to start the work, and we could not decide what we should do first.

The help came from our teacher, who gave a brilliant answer on our main question. He suggested everyone to start the survey from himself. And it worked.

I remember the day, when I was sitting at the chair and thinking about my fears. My dark room was filled with shadows that were common to my thoughts, which slowly soared from the depth of my soul. I wrote everything on the paper, including some propositions about the work of our community.

Next day we presented results to each other. It was a strange experience, when I was standing in front of many burning young eyes, who listened to me. I saw the understanding in their view. I have never seen it before. Could it be real? I continued to talk, forgetting about written plan, about some scope and limits. I opened my soul. It brought me the personal meaning of our community. Finally I had a place to speak everything I had in my mind. It was a victory over the loneliness.

The moment when all participants presented their thoughts was a key-one to our group. We started to be more friendly and understood, that the aim of our work is more significant then our ambitions or even laziness. I can say that we opened the eyes. That day a new community was born.

Being together we faced many serious scientific problems, which forced us to observe psychological, philosophical and sociological literature, communicate with teachers, parents and pupils from other schools, or even work from dusk till dawn. Finally many participants found their vocation in sociology or psychology. But years passed and my main memory about our community ascended to those dramatic experience: the little audience, filled with supporters, who have billions of problems, but one aim, which unites them and make stronger every member of this splendid union.

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