Montgomery Bus Boycott And Martin Luther King Essay

Montgomery Bus Boycott And Martin Luther King Essay

It is important to note that the Montgomery bus boycott gave an opportunity for young Martin Luther King Jr. to demonstrate his persuasive and organizational skills as a leader of the civil rights group. The boycott began in December 1955 and lasted for almost 13 months. Martin Luther King joined the boycott at the primary stage due to the fact that he was chosen as a president of the Montgomery Improvement Association. The MIA had a fundamental aim to ensure the dominance of the values of equality and freedom for all citizens of the State of Alabama (Carr 73). Martin Luther King proposed to use the non-violent methods of protecting civil rights in accordance with the achievements of Gandhi. He tried to solidify the efforts of the different groups inside and outside Montgomery to achieve the optimal result in mediating the conflict between the African American community and the government of the state. It is necessary to highlight that Martin Luther King also tried to organize the efforts of the community to oppose the phenomenon of segregation on the national level (Dierenfield 23-24). Therefore, the MIA’s members regularly interacted with the social activists in all parts of the country to explain the Montgomery problem and mobilize to continue boycotts. It becomes clear that the impact of Martin Luther King on the final success of the Montgomery bus boycott was extremely big.

The fact is that King “was convicted on the charge and ordered to pay $500 or serve 386 days in jail” (Branch 102-103). It happened as a result of the state court’s decision in the State of Alabama vs. Martin Luther King Jr. case. On the other hand, the Federal court supported the MIA’s demands and made a decision that the segregation in Alabama was unconstitutional. Therefore, Martin Luther King considered Federal court as more important for the achievement of the aims of the civil rights movement.

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