Models of Leadership: Servant Leadership and Spiritual Leadership

Models of Leadership: Servant Leadership and Spiritual Leadership

There seems to be no doubt that the servant leadership model is very effective in Christian ministry. The basic idea of the servant leadership model is that a leader needs to focus on his or her personal intention to serve rather than organize, manage, or even motivate. The priority of a leader is to meet the needs of community members. The reason for such behavior is connected with the nature of a leader, who wants to serve rather than to rule. Obviously, leader’s personal example plays a huge role in the formation of community member’s worldview. They start following the same behavioral pattern, which is beneficial for the functioning of the entire model.

Such system brilliantly suits the principles of Christianity. Jesus wanted to serve people and helped them to overcome their fears and hardships. His example became iconic for billions of followers. Empathy was one of those fundamental qualities, which made Jesus the greatest example of a servant leader. He was able to communicate with people and help them in accordance with their needs. At the same time, he was very responsible for each step and tried to forecast all negative outcomes of his actions. Needless to say, that Christian ministry leaders consider the servant leadership model to be an effective method of interacting with their followers because the principles of this model are very common to the basic Christian ideas.

The same situation is with the spiritual leadership model. Christianity states that spiritual life is a cornerstone of individual’s life. It means that it is crucial for any leader to take care of the values and beliefs of his or her followers. Furthermore, spiritual leadership model highlights the importance of hope, love, faith, and altruism, which are all very important for Christianity. Consequently, Christian ministry leaders could use both these models in order to develop a close relationship with community members on the basis of the Christian values and principles.

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