Mission and Vision Statement of Apple

Mission and Vision Statement of Apple

The current essay aims to discuss the mission and vision statement of Apple Inc., which is one of the biggest and most influential corporations in the modern world. It is necessary to mention that the original mission statement of the company was formulated by Steve Jobs. He wanted the company to “make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind” (Lashinsky, 27). In 2018, the official mission statement outlines the products provided by the company and states that Apple wants to provide the most optimal computing experience to all people around the planet with the help of innovations. It is possible to state that the primary idea created by Steve Jobs is still relevant for the company. Thus, in the current decade, Apple tries to change the world by providing innovative gadgets and tools and satisfy the customers with the best possible experience from use of the company’s products.

The vision statement reveals the main idea of the mission and explains the methods for achieving it. Apple highlights that the company wants their products to be the most advanced in the world (Lusted, 32). It means that each product will ensure the unique client’s experience. At the same time, the company points out that client-oriented policies are impossible without the thoughts about comfort. Accordingly, it has to be simple and understandable for any individual to use Apple’s products.

Apple also states that they are responsible for all business choices they make. It means that one of the company’s aims is to participate in markets where there exists an opportunity to cause change. Finally, the vision statement explains the importance of collaboration between the members of the company and customers from all parts of the planet to ensure better mutual understanding and find new ideas.

There is no doubt that mission and vision statement is extremely important for such a big company as Apple. The mission is a fundamental goal or even dream, which motivates employees to work harder and clients to support the company. In the current case, Apple wants to bring innovations to the world to help people to free more time for personal activities and enjoy the best possible design. Accordingly, the customers know that each Apple’s device is better than some competitor’s analog. Needless to say, that such a mission creates a serious challenge for the company.

The employees understand the importance of their performance and high level of responsibility. Apple unites people who believe in progress and consider technologies as the moving force of this progress. Consequently, high-performance requirements are taken by the employees for granted. The vision helps all people working for Apple to make their everyday decisions in accordance with the organizational values.

It is possible to suggest that the company’s actions align with the mission and vision because Apple’s products are extremely popular in all parts of the world. The customers highlight that gadgets produced by Apple have the perfect design and are very convenient for use. Simultaneously, the announcements of new products always imply the discussion of some specific innovative features, which are absolutely unique. Altogether, these company’s achievements stimulate its subsequent development.

It is essential to note that mission is fundamental to the behavior of the employee in the modern world. The pluralism of values and freedom of self-expressions gives an opportunity for individuals to create companies in various spheres of human activities. At the same time, business owners understand that they need to help communities in order to survive in a high competitive atmosphere of the liberal markets. In this situation, companies provide mission, which explains the basic values and attracts both employees and clients to join these values. Accordingly, an employee understands that he does not work only to generate profit for the owners of the company. On the other hand, the primary aim is to make the world better in some particular sphere.

A vision statement is a method to achieve company’s mission. There could be different ways how to provide the best possible service or to stimulate change. Consequently, vision could be even more important than mission because it explains the strategic steps of company’s performance. The managers use the vision statement as a framework to interact with the employees and organize the processes. For instance, the role of leaders is to motivate the working groups by explaining them all peculiarities of the company’s goals. This explanation helps employees to better understand their role in the system of activities. Moreover, the company’s Code of Conduct is created in accordance with the organizational values and vision statement. It becomes clear that mission and vision are crucial for the long-term performance of the organization in open markets.

The absence of a mission statement is not fatal for the functioning of the organization. Many companies, especially in the sphere of small business, do not try to develop a mission. However, this decision is usually not correct. Even the small family business could have a mission to make the life of a community better. For example, a coffee-shop could provide healthy baked goods for all people in the district. This health-oriented mission will help the citizens of the community to improve their lifestyle and always have an access to tasty and useful baked goods. Moreover, the clients will be more loyal in case if a company tries to help them. It is obvious that close relations with customers stimulate the further growth of the company.

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