Measles Vaccination Debates Essay

Measles Vaccination Debates Essay

The current academic essay aims to propose the solution to the measles vaccine debates, which are currently very popular among the American citizens. According to Paul Thomas, many families refuse to follow the governmental vaccination plan in order to protect their children from potential negative outcomes of the vaccination (Thomas 2016). Unfortunately, such situation is potentially dangerous for the entire U.S. healthcare system due to the risks of epidemics. Accordingly, it is crucial to demonstrate people the importance of the children’s vaccination.

First, it is crucial for the government to start the nationwide informational campaign, which will help to demonstrate the benefits of the vaccination. Accordingly, it is rational to create a website, which will have all necessary information about the illness and the history of the measles epidemics. At the same time, it is essential to use social media in order to get in touch with the bigger amount of potential visitors. The optimal strategy of website promotion includes advertising and media and CEO optimization of the website.

Second, the government needs to finance the creation of the video, which depicts people suffering from the measles disease. The video needs to explain the background of the issue and provide an accurate picture of the potential treatment. This video could be translated on TV. Simultaneously, such social media as YouTube could also be used in the spreading this information.

Third, the government should provide evidence regarding the safety of the vaccine. Meredith Wadman (Wadman 2017) states that the public concern regarding the quality of the vaccination is based on the absence of trust towards the medical corporations. Consequently, it is crucial to provide all facts about the vaccination, especially the scientific data regarding the potential health problems. As a result, people will understand the benefits of vaccination and agree to pass through this procedure.

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