Marketing Small Business With Twitter Essay

Marketing Small Business With Twitter Essay

There seems to be no doubt that the examined article is related to marketing. It is possible to state that the author of the article aims to discuss the benefits of Twitter for the popularization of a brand. The analysis is mostly based on the observation of the small business. Evidently, it is usually very hard for the representatives of the small business to promote their products or services. It happens due to the fact that they have very limited budget. Therefore, such free online media as Twitter could become fundamental to the marketing success of a company.

It is obvious that many people in the developed countries use social media every day. They do not refuse to follow the accounts of shops, restaurants, or many other promotion pages in order to receive the latest information about sales. Accordingly, there appears a unique opportunity for many business owners to create the group of their followers on Twitter, Facebook, or even YouTube. It is not even important to generate some original content. The information about discounts and the latest news of a company could be enough to attract the customers.

It is necessary to highlight that many companies are situated in the small cities. It becomes harder for them to find some new ideas regarding marketing innovations due to the isolation. Nevertheless, the article shows that Twitter could also be used to share advertising experience (Miller 2009). It means that the use of Twitter is also valuable for the formation of a marketing strategy and long-term performance in conditions of the limited access to the relevant information.

It is possible to conclude that the article discusses online marketing, which is an essential aspect of the modern marketing. There is no doubt that such social media as Twitter or LinkedIn could help a small business company to find new customers and receive positive promotional experience for the further business success.

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