Managerial Skills Necessary for Nurse Executive Role Essay

Managerial Skills Necessary for Nurse Executive Role Essay

The current paper aims to discuss the managerial skills, which are necessary for the nurse executive role. There is no doubt that leadership plays a huge role in the functioning of the modern organization. Any healthcare organization is not an exception. The nurse executive role is based on the ability of an individual to create a good team and motivate all its members to achieve the current aims. For instance, a chief nurse executive needs to control the quality of the interpersonal communication process and guarantee the absence of multicultural or multigender issues. At the same time, a good leader knows how to organize the process of the information exchange between the different levels of the organizational hierarchy. The data transfer rate has a direct impact on the sustainability and flexibility of a healthcare organization.

According to S. Dyess (Dyess 2016), an effective planning process depends on the business strategy developed by the nurse leaders. It means that the strategic thinking is beneficial for a nurse executive. The process of the long-term planning also implies the necessity to analyze the market and make several conclusions regarding the importance of change. Thus, a nurse executive needs to possess good analytical skills, which would give a chance for an organization to be in touch with the latest innovations and trends.

It is essential to highlight that the modern nurse executive has to possess knowledge connected with the cross-cultural management. According to Cynthia Plonien (Plonien 2014), medical tourism becomes popular throughout the world. It means that the globalized healthcare organizations need to provide a qualitative service for the visitors from all parts of the globe. In such case, the deep understanding of the difference in mentality and cultural experience could be useful for the formation of the positive atmosphere.

It is possible to conclude that the modern nurse executive faces many external and internal challenges. Consequently, it is crucial to develop leadership, communication, cross-cultural, and other skills to achieve good hospital’s performance.

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