Limitation Of Gun Use In The U.S. Essay

Limitation Of Gun Use In The U.S. Essay

I suppose that the issue of gun use is one of the most discussed legislative topics in the U.S. today. The fact is that many people want the government to limit the use of guns, especially to implement the system of the strict gun control. It could be good for the welfare of the Americans to follow this proposition and develop specific laws, which will regulate the process of purchase and storage of weapons by the common citizens.

The first reason for such a decision is connected with the fact that guns are more often used by individuals to commit crime rather than to use the weapon for self-defense. It is psychologically hard for a person to shoot due to the existing limitations of conscience. It means that people try not to use guns even in the most complicated situations. On the other hand, it is easy for criminals to store weapons with the help of the current laws.

Second, the shootings in school or other public places regularly happen due to the fact that even people with mental illnesses have an access to guns. The problem is that it is almost impossible for the police officers to prevent such tragedies because any individual could easily buy or sell weapons online or offline. Accordingly, the arms sales restriction could help to overcome this issue.

Finally, there always exists a chance for a terrorist attack to happen. Thus, potential terrorists have a unique opportunity to buy weapons and kill many people without any risk to be captured by the police officers. As a result, the life of all citizens is always in danger due to the current gun control laws.

I want to conclude that the U.S. government has to limit the sale of guns. The American people need to understand that it is rational to solve problems without weapons. This solution could help to reduce crime and prevent the nation from the terrorist attacks.

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