LGBT Discrimination At The Workplace Essay

LGBT Discrimination At The Workplace Essay

There seems to be no doubt that the American LGBT community constantly faces many threats, which has a significant impact on the management relations in the United States. It is possible to suggest that the LGBT community makes efforts to improve the attitude of the wide audience towards its members. Obviously, the basic problem connected with the relations between the members of the LGBT community and the other American citizens is discrimination. Unfortunately, many individuals suffered because of their sexual orientation.

Thus, the LGBT employees could face violent attitude of peers, undeserved criticism of managers, and even unreasonable dismissal. Such a situation undermines labor-management relations, especially in the big corporations. The scale of the challenge is large because almost all the companies are involved in this social problem. Accordingly, it is crucial for the American community to improve the environment in companies by improving the attitude towards LGBT individuals.

There exists an opinion that the cases of discrimination of the LGBT community decrease every year (Wharton Knowledge 2015). Nevertheless, the scientific studies show that the issue is still relevant: “According to surveys, more than 40% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people and almost 90% of transgender people have experienced employment discrimination, harassment or mistreatment” (Krejcova 2015). It means that there is no significant structural change in the social mentality regarding the potential changes due to the absence of the governmental efforts to resolve the question with the help of the long-term measures.

Evidently, the LGBT civil rights organizations face the necessity to struggle for each case to help people to cope with the outcomes of discrimination. These organizations do not always get media support and are constantly criticized by several political forces. Consequently, there exists a serious challenge for the community to uphold the Constitutional rights.

There are several groups of people affected by the discussed issue. First, the discrimination impacts many American citizens who are the members of the LGBT community: “the LGBT workforce comprises of individuals who identify as being either lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered” (Baksh 2015). It seems possible to suggest that it is hard to identify all the victims of the discrimination process because many people still could not recognize their sexual identity due to the pressure of the social norms. In such a situation, any individual with a non-traditional sexual orientation becomes involved in the above-mentioned problem.

Second, the owners of the organizations and companies face the necessity to engage in constant lawsuits related to the LGBT labor-management discrimination challenges. At the same time, the managers and all the members of the working teams in their own way react to circumstances. For example, some managers could support the insults of their peers while the other managers are able to protect the employees from the development of inequality in the teams.

Third, the clients are also influenced by the discrimination. Obviously, there are many LGBT customers who could face negative attitude towards them from the service staff. On the other hand, some clients do not want to interact with the LGBT employees. Therefore, this problem applies to many people.

The impact of the discrimination and victimization is always negative. The cases of negative attitude towards the employees or clients undermine the positive atmosphere in an organization. Furthermore, they lead to the stigmatization of the LGBT individuals. As a result of the long-term psychological pressure, people get mentally injured. It could be very difficult for a person to regain self-confidence and open up to the peers. The companies lose their brand reputation due to the lawsuits related to the conflicts with the LGBT individuals. Consequently, all parties suffer due to the issue.

This problem usually gives more power to the civil rights activists. The cases of employment discrimination provide a chance to organize rallies and protests. They receive the support of many U.S. citizens due to the publicity of the discrimination cases. On the other hand, the employees are still not protected in the workplace. Accordingly, managers possess more power in relations with the subordinates.

The long-term impact of the examined problem is still unclear. Obviously, there are many positive changes in the social perception of the issue, which signify the existence of the opportunity to come to the free labor/management relations in the organizations. Nevertheless, the existence of the radical organizations and the support of the anti-liberal position by some political forces slow down the process of improvements. Therefore, the LGBT continue could continue to experience the humiliation and even violence.

It is possible to improve the situation through several steps. First, it is important for the government to toughen the punishment for discrimination. Second, there should be a specific department focused on the consideration of similar legal proceedings. Third, it is rational for media to support LGBT community and the efforts of its members to uphold the employment rights. Finally, it is crucial for the public audience to support the rights of the LGBT community.

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