LGBT Community Issues Essay

LGBT Community Issues Essay

It is possible to suggest that there exists a new frontier for the further expanding of citizen’s rights connected with the struggle for the LGBT community’s rights. There is no doubt that gays and lesbians still face discrimination in many spheres of human activities. Evidently, the Stonewall Riots in 1969 signified the beginning of the struggle against the oppression of the LGBT community’s civil rights (Harlin 2011). The riots were caused by the brutal clashes between police and gays. In the 21st century, the social situation is more tolerant. Thus, it is hard to imagine such a street riot in the modern America. Nevertheless, there are many unresolved issues.

First, it is hard for the members of the LGBT community to legally get married. According to the Pew Research Center (Per Research Center 2015), only “54% of Americans favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally, while 39% are opposed”. It means that the society is not ready for a fundamental change of the attitude towards gays and lesbians. It happens due to the existence of the conservative worldview, which implies the criticism of non-traditional forms of sexual relations. In such case, tradition is interpreted as an early experience of people. Obviously, it is crucial for the social activists to explain that such behavioral patterns as racism or persecution of atheists could also be considered traditional in some countries. Therefore, it is rational for any community to rethink its traditions to guarantee the equal attitude towards all members.

Second, gays and lesbians face several employment issues. The fact is that the members of LGBT community experience discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation. Unfortunately, the criticism of the peers leads to the formation of hidden psychological stigmas, which undermine mental health of an individual. Accordingly, the second crucial aspect of the gay and lesbian civil rights protection is the control of the employment discrimination.

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