Letter of Intent Example

Letter of Intent Example

It is important to note that I want to participate in the activities of the United Nations UNESCO department. This department is focused on the protection of the global cultural heritage. At the same time, UNESCO aims to help different cities and NGOs to participate in the modern cultural life. This is the main motivational factor for me to joing the organization.

I think that the future of the world is impossible without the development of the cultural ties between the nations during the globalization processes. I do not believe that the only benefit of globalization is the development of the world’s economics. On the other hand, the basic advantage of Internet is that it gave possibility for people from all parts of the world to share experience and participate in common projects. Therefore, the current aim of UNESCO is to set the offline international projects, which would help to flourish the globalized culture.

I want to participate in such projects because I want to interact with active young people from all parts of the planet. My experience of traveling shows me that one day with educated social activists from other countries could be even more useful than many lessons of history and geography. The real education starts with the questioning while true questioning is impossible without complicated situations. I guess that it is better to study language, politics, sociology, and many other humanitarian disciplines in groups with foreigners. Now I am focused on the self-development and I guess that the contacts with people from Asia, Europe, or Africa would help me to understand the world better and get more information about my own possibilities.

The other important reason for me to participate in UNESCO programs is that I want to share my ideas and vision of further world development with others. The implementation of new programs could help to change the world. I hope that my ideas of modernization of education would be useful for developing countries. I believe that any nation could achieve great results in case of the cultural boom. For instance, Chicano movement in the U.S. stimulated Latin Americans to re-shape their consciousness and change the entire scheme of thinking. As a result, the new generation achieved better conditions of living. This movement had no chance for existence without students and artists, who were the representatives of new educational paradigms based on the interpretation of cultural heritage. I want this system to be applied to developing countries, which face difficulties in the determination of further strategy.

I have participated in the volunteer project of helping refugees to integrate into the new community. My task was very common to the duties of case manager. I needed to help refugees to find the medical programs, which would help them to solve their health problems. It was quite hard to monitor all existing medical programs, which were legal for refugees in different parts of the country. However, it was also very important for me because I have understood some peculiarities of the system’s performance.

It is necessary to highlight that I have faced the challenge of defining the legal aspects of involvement of the refugees in the community due to the absence of juridical education. However, I have overcome this issue with the help of regular consulations with the professors of law from my university. They helped me to find necessary legislative documents and help refugees to receive qualitative medical help.

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