Leadership Essay: Defining My Leadership Direction

Essay about how to improve leadership qualities

Sometimes it can be hard to analyze one’s traits, especially such complicated as leadership. This essay provides an example of how to define possibilities for personal development as a leader.


To begin with, it is important to mention that the current paper focuses on the analysis of the opportunities to demonstrate the key leadership behavior and attributes studied in the current course. A close look at the data indicates that the modern processes of social and economical development give a possibility for me to achieve my leadership goals and, thus, have better results in the organizational activities. It is essential to explore the influence of some specific leadership skills, models, and concepts in order to apply them to my personal and professional development and growth. I would like to choose the enhancing of inspiring and straightforwardness as the basic goal to achieve in the further future.

Goal #1 Enhance my straightforwardness

My primary goal is to enhance my straightforwardness. I think that being straightforward usually implies different dimensions of the leadership practices. First, it means communicating clearly and giving people understandable goals and responsibilities. Second, the straightforward leader tells people what the management expects in their performance and evaluate their regular activities. Third, straightforwardness requires identifying the rewards for successful achievement of some result and the consequences of failure. Finally, the straightforwardness gives a possibility for the leader to be dedicated to his career or life aim. I want to discuss the benefits of all these factors in accordance with my leadership goal.

My role as a leader would be very important in the company due to the big influence of the processes of globalization. I think that leader needs to be the mediator between the management and the common employees. It becomes harder to achieve this task due to the fact that many employees are from various countries. It means that they have different cultural background. Therefore, I need to posses the specific skills of cross-cultural management (Daft, 103-107). These skills would be important to build the trust between the members from different countries inside the single team.The improvement of my straightforwardness would seriously help me to achieve this aim. I would communicate clearly and give people understandable responsibilities and goals. It would benefit both others and me.

The straightforwardness would be a useful skill because I would need to face many personal problems during the process of team building (Daft, 47-52). Without the desire to achieve the final aim it would be impossible for me to find the motivation for the personal self-development. Thus, it is possible to state that straightforwardness help to achieve the primary aim of the leader. That is why I would use this skill in order to become the good team builder.

The straightforwardness would be beneficial for me because it helps to cope with the modern problem of the leaders. In the current epoch, the rules of the economic games are constantly changing. The changes become the inevitable part of the organization process. It is necessary to be ready to adapt to any new market or competitive conditions. As the leader, I would need to explain to the team about the new rules of the game. For instance, in case of the financial crisis, it would be important to motivate the employees to work harder. The straightforwardness is essential for me to set the sincere communication with the peers.

In the organization, one of my secondary tasks as the leader is to create the community of the followers. Evidently, followership gets only a small fraction of the basic airtime, which leadership does. Consequently, more emphasis is usually placed on leadership. Nevertheless, both leadership and followership play a huge role in achieving of the constant organizational success. For example, followership gives the possibility to take specific direction of the further development, to involve the employees into the existing educational programs, and to improve the basic process of team building.

The followers also help to conduct the marketing process by improving the positions of the brand and inviting new loyal clients. It means that leadership unites all possible intentions of the team development in the figure of the leader with the help of the concepts of followership (Daft, 215-217).

The achievement of my goal to enhance straightforwardness is very important in the context of the followership practices. The followers would never become close to the brand and company without the clear future aim. The straightforwardness of the leader demonstrates them that they could follow him and achieve some important horizons.

It is necessary to mention that the leader regularly uses his power to make bridges for all participants of the team to the tactic aims of the company. Evidently, the marketing and financial directors use their power to provide strategic planning or take important decisions. These decisions influence the work of the organization. They all have a huge impact on the working process of the employees. I need to explain the decisions of the managers to the employees. It means that I am the interpreter of the managerial decisions. The straightforwardness would help to be firm in creating the productive atmosphere for the dialogue between the management and employees.

Obviously, there are some risks of following and not following my goal. The basic risk is connected with the negative aspect of the chosen skills. For instance, it is possible that straightforwardness could have a negative impact on the evaluation of real chances. The egoism is always a threat for the leader. The excessive desire to achieve aim and follow some personal intentions could ruin the project and lead to serious crisis in the company (Daft, 182-183).

It is necessary to mention that the refusal from the usage of straightforwardness and inspiring could also be dangerous. The absence of motivation would lead to apathy. The employees would be ignorant to the innovations. They would not have aims to achieve. Obviously, it is a negative development of scenario.

The other risk for others and me is that without the straightforwardness I would not be sincere with my peers. The absence of trust and spiritual understanding is dangerous for the team. At the same time, the absence of straightforwardness could lead to the passive actions of the leader. I think that I would never achieve success without the dedication to my aim. Thus, I would need to make everything possible to stay in touch with my desires.

Goal #2 Become a more inspiring person

It is important to mention that the leader in the organization is responsible for various important tasks. Consequently, he has various functions, such as motivation of the employees, which require various personal skills. I believe that the ability to inspire people is crucial for any leader, especially in the context of the motivational strategies.

There seems to be no doubt that one of the most important skills for me is the ability to implement the rules of interaction between the employees and building positive relations with the followers. It means that the I have to use managerial and leadership strategies in order to build the strong team, which consists of the employees, top-managers, and external workforce. The necessity to build strong and productive team is the primary aim of any leader in spite of the company or sphere of working. Therefore, the achievement of my goal to become a more inspiring person would benefit the company and me.

The members of the team need to understand the vision of potential change and be ready to follow the orders of the managers during the changes. Therefore, I would need to explain all the peculiarities of the future development. In such case, inspiration is the best skill to achieve the necessary result.

Obviously, when people see that their leader is sure in the success of the current project, they would easily follow him. The inspiration skills would help me to demonstrate that I am confident about the final result in complicated situations. The other possible usage of inspiration by the leader is to turn negative energy into some positive solutions. The leader regularly utilizes the current problems and challenges, which appear during the work, as a way to implement ideas, innovations, and paths to success.

The inspiration provides the atmosphere in the group of followers. It is essential to form the creative team with the intention to find innovative ideas. Therefore, the practice of followership seriously depends on the ability of the leader to use conviction with the help of inspiration.

I think that I would cope with the secondary tasks of the leader very good with the help of the improved inspiring ability. Thus, inspiration would help me to create the community of followers and influence economical results of the company. The most important fact is that inspiration helps both team and me. I would find benefits in the positive energy of the working process. The team would find motivation and the vision for change. It is essential for the team to work in the friendly atmosphere because it helps to overcome issues in spite of the level of potential problem.

Without any doubts, there would be some serious risks of following my goal of becoming more inspiring. Thus, without the development of the other aspects of my personality and individual style it would be hard to send the necessary message even with the help of inspiration. It is important for the leader to be informed about all events that happen in the world. The economic and social awareness could be crucial for the development of the company. For instance, the conflict between two countries could cause the problems between the two employees from these countries. Thus, it is essential to follow the latest news in order to inspire people on the basis of this news.

The absence of the inspiration could be fatal for me. In the context of the modern world development, it is impossible to be a good leader without motivation and inspiring. I would use the inspirational explanation of the final aim and the vision of the achievement of this aim to guarantee the constant work of the team. I suppose that globalization gives many opportunities for young leaders to achieve good result in case of the usage of the modern social media. Thus, I would try to be innovative and original in the choice of necessary approaches with the help of inspiration.


Taking everything into account, it is possible to conclude that my two goals, such as the improvement of inspiration and straightforwardness, give me a possibility for me to develop my leadership skills. I would achieve bigger results in the organizational activities. Without any doubts, the chosen strategy could have both benefits and shortcomings. I would need to choose each solution carefully because the price for mistake is very high. Fortunately, the current theory of interaction between the managers, leaders, and the team could seriously help in achieving this aim.

In conditions of such global changes, I think that inspiration and straightforwardness would be especially important for me at the position of the team leader. I would try to demonstrate the employees from different countries that we all are the participants of the single team (Daft, 169).

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