Kudler Fine Foods Human Resources Business Processes Essay

Kudler Fine Foods Human Resources Business Processes Essay

This essay will review a detailed analytics of Kudler Fine Foods Human Resources Business Processes. Kudler Fine Foods is one of the most popular American food shops, created specially for gourmet tastes. The owner of Kaudler Fine Foods is known to be Kathy Kudler, whose business plan was connected with opening of store, which would keep an extensive range of the freshest ingredients and all of the tools a gourmet cook could ever want. Her business plan was realized in year 1998 and soon the starting project expanded to a commercial network, which is presented with over three shops in Southern California. Every store is more then fifteen thousand square feet, located in a prestigious shopping center. It is important to highlight, that Kudler Fine Foods is committed to providing excellent customer service (Kudler Fine Foods’ Strategic Plan for Future Growth, 2010). The main goods, presented on the store shelves, are carefully selected by quality and taste diversity. We should notice that such a business approach needs a perfect coordination attention, especially in human resources sphere.

The organizational structure of Kudler Fine Foods suggests a fulfillment of it mission statement. This is achieved by the special management hierarchy. The Centre of Administration and Human resources is one of the most important branches of business enterprise structure. It coordinates and directs human and administrative resources activities, such as labor relations, benefits, employment, training, employee services, recompense and, furthermore, develops policies. The Human Resources Centre works with a wide variety of tools, using the electronic commercial programs and old book methods.

Kudler Fine Foods Human Resourses system uses Quick books for tracking applicants, timesheets, and payroll system. This accounting software package brings an access to electronic payment functions, remote payroll assistance, performance assessments of its current and potential employees and timesheets. Individual store managers are responsible of tracking time off and holiday time of the employees. All of the employee files are accessible for the employees in the store and for the store manager, furthermore, the central file area is absent and shouldn’t be handled by many people.

An Employee Self Service Web based application is used by Kudler Fine Foods for managing benefits. We should note that it gives the improvement of information accuracy and decrease administrative bustles. At the same time, it can empower employees by providing information and access to their personal records and their payroll details. With the help of the program employees and managers have a possibility to view, update and modify the information anytime and managers can generate reports with just a click of a mouse.

Kudler Fine Foods recruits employees primarily from outside organizations but only for entry level and all the other positions are posted internally within each store.The new employee is briefed with the functions of his new position and receives a three-week on-the-job training and a week period of working with an assigned co-worker. 

The employees are encouraged to improve themselves by setting goals for the year. The leadership style of a team effort in the company and the company’s mission statement help to motivate the employees. It is structured and encourages employees to use creativity to maintain excellent customer service. The management staff of Kudler Fine Foods is coherent and works at holding down new employees with recognition systems. Company was organized on an idea of change, and its structure and employees, will be ready for change in the future with proper programs. Kudler Fine Foods has created a dynamic corporate culture and is moving towards a very diverse organizational structure. Company is in a good position to use its human resources potential in order to combat the competition.

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