Jeep Ad’s And Marketing Strategy Analysis Essay

Jeep Ad’s And Marketing Strategy Analysis Essay

To begin with, it should be noted that Jeep, a Chrysler Group product, is a huge American brand automobile. According to the latest data, the Chrysler Corporation became a subsidiary of automaker Fiat in January 2009. A close look on the data indicates that Jeep has a long history of association with the American military dating back to its origination in 40s, during the World War. The first Jeep for civil needs was introduced to the general public at the end of the war, in 1945 (Lee, 2007). The Jeep brand was trademarked in 1950, and its marketing story began. In April 2009, Chrysler’s new head of marketing Sergio Marchionne and a new marketing team created a new marketing communications and advertising plan until 2015. The result of these marketing activities is already significant, because of the high sale rates and good relation of audience to this automobile brand (Brand Insights. Jeep, 2014). Obviously, it is important to analyze Jeep advertising strategy in order to understand how this company achieved such good results just in few years after bankruptcy.  

It should be mentioned that Jeep success is based on the qualitative analysis of the target audience. Researches show that Jeep marketing managers regularly identify the target audience and determine whom the ad needs to address. Evidently, Jeep has historically targeted people who love outdoors and adventures. Furthermore, for Jeep the targeted market, or a set of buyers, who share common characteristics or needs that the company decides to serve, is military service families and women, and existing or potential new Patriotic customers. Two main messages that Jeep owners take pride for are personal owning of an American made vehicle and support of the U.S. military forces at the same time.

Without any doubts, Jeep has carefully segmented the American and global market and selected its own targeted audience. Thus, the well-known features of Jeep vehicles are strong body design and powerful engines. The strong body design permits the Jeep to drive in harsh areas without causing any damage on the vehicle’s body. The powerful engine allows driving the car in unusual driving conditions, such as mountain areas and jungles. Therefore, Jeep is targeting mostly male drivers that usually drive in rural areas due to their hobbies or job requirement, and enjoy adventure. 

Moreover, Jeep also targets parents with families or young companies that enjoy outdoor activities, such as boating and hunting. Therefore, Jeep provides enough space to accommodate the huge company, or all family members, and the strong body build provides safety for all passengers. The other aspect of Jeep advantages is that families that enjoy adventures and outdoor activities can use Jeep vehicles to drive through terrible roads, or even in the off-road conditions, and attach a boat. The Jeep can be used for minor farm works and plowing. The fact that Jeep prices are higher than many other SUVs in the U.S. market means that Jeep is targeting individuals and families with high incomes and stable jobs. Moreover, Jeep is also expanding its targeted segments of potential buyers to young customers by introducing the qualitatively new Wrangler model. According to the statistical researches, Jeep is targeting nearly all individuals and families from different ages with high income with modern models and various improvements in design.

It is important to highlight that the strategic plan of Jeep distribution require serious advertising company from that marketing managers of the Chrysler Group. Thus, Jeep’s advertising strategy requires various steps to achieve the global aim. It is essential to differentiate the brand in order to give qualitative messages for audience. Therefore, Jeep marketing managers have clearly differentiated its brand by introducing the strongest and the most powerful vehicles. It means that the key factor, which has to be shown in advertising, is that the difference between Jeep car and other SUVs is its real ability to drive where most other automobiles cannot. Jeep also positions itself in the automobile industry as the leading producer of various off-roads SUVs. Such approach brings a range of advertising strategies, which can distinguish Jeep messages from the whole informational field. The message to audience can show that while most SUVs, such as Toyota, Honda, and Ford produce vehicles to drive on common city roads, Jeep vehicles have significant power that allows them to be driven without any roads. The main advertising strategy of Jeep is to influence customers psychologically, and affect their attitudes by giving them the sense of authenticity, freedom, adventure, and passion. Obviously, a customer driven marketing strategy of Chrysler Corporation considers two essential elements. Firstly, the advertising strategy involves understanding customer needs by accurate segmenting of the market and targeting of the most profitable segments. Undoubtedly, this work needs great patience and attention due to the modern market conditions. Secondly, Jeep is differentiating itself from other competitors and positioning its specific brand in a distinctive place within the industry. All together, they bring the possibility for Jeep to be the leading brand in its industry.

The data yielded by this study provides convincing evidence that Jeep uses various media sources in order to deliver the main message to its audience. There is a big amount of newspaper and TV advertisings, which are used as the traditional media source. The audience can meet Jeep advertising on billboards and in various advertising booklets during the national events and holidays. Thus, Jeep spends huge sum of money during the Super Bowl event. However, it is much more important to observe the activities of Jeep marketing managers in social media and other modern media sources, because they have a big influence on the business in 21st century. The current study shows that the company uses outlets like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube to reach out to their current customers and try to capture new ones. Evidently, Jeep uses social media to target a specific type of audience that differs from other companies (Jeep on Facebook,2014). Whereas many corporations would be trying to capture new buyers, Jeep is more devoted to connecting Jeep owners and engaging existing customers. Generally, in doing this, Jeep’s target audience usually consists mainly women and men who are of driving age.

It is important to mention that in social media advertising companies there are a various qualifications of the target audience. One of the attractions of a Jeep is the outdoorsy and ruggedness image that it embodies (Jeep Australia Advertising,2014). Thus, the target audience that marketing managers try to reach through the social media usage would include those people, who are interested in a number of various outdoor activities. It means that the demands of this audience are regularly analyzed, and the decision about new advertisings is made on the basis of this research. Additionally, though the Jeeps are sold to customers of any age group, it seems that most users of modern social media are in the younger generations. Due to this fact, it is reasonable to believe that Jeep’s advertising plan is targeted more towards younger Jeep owners, or most likely those customers whose age varies in the range of the late thirties to the early teens. As it has been already mentioned, Jeep’s focus in social media sources is not really to attract some new customers, but to provide existing owners with a range of different ways to connect with company itself and with each other. Therefore, the advertisings would be made as the potential invitation to some events, festivals, or just free time spending.

Marketing researches show that the goal of Jeep marketing campaign is to deliver a consistent, clear, and compelling message about their product, organization and its brand. Undoubtedly, every advertising has to follow this aim (Brand: Jeep Advertisement, 2014). Thus, Jeep communication objectives are determined by any market opportunities the product could use to overcome potential problems with targeted audience. In current conditions, the communication objective for advertisings is to evoke people to connect with the brand by emphasizing on it hard work, dedication and strong love for all American families instead of just showing the good sides of its vehicles. It means that the main part of the advertising would show some sensitive story, sometimes even without the description of the product, where the Jeep plays the role of secondary, but inalienable part of common life. The major selling idea is to show people that their happiness would be closer and more complete with Jeep automobile. In such occasion appeals are usually combined, but with the advantage to emotional. Obviously, it is not rational to rely only on the emotional effect, because the price of Jeep is a serious rational barrier for potential customer. Thus, the balance of content of the advertising is the main problem for marketing managers to deal with.

It should be noted that Jeep knows that a strong marketing plan has to deliver superior value and be customer-driven. Thus, in order to create superior value for its consumer and trade sales promotions, Jeep is appealing to the cultural sentiment of the U.S. and aligning itself with S.A.F.E. Return Operation. The Jeep brand has established the S.A.F.E. Return fund in order to provide financial aid, and support for returning products. The program is devoted to military forces and this platform allows company to give support where it is really needed, throughout the transition of troops to work, home, and health. With such a sale promotion, there appears a specific emotional appeal to American patriotism. Chrysler offers cash allowances to veterans and military personnel making a purchase as well, as the company makes donations from a percentage of all sales to veteran support groups. Thus, by buying Jeep, a client supports American military forces.

Undoubtedly, it is impossible to imagine Jeep without qualitative PR actions and great festival events. Thus, the Camp Jeep race experience continues to evolve, both with exciting new GPJ track element and new Cherokee Trailhawk on the track. During the 2014 Jeep makes more than twelve big auto shows in different cities throughout the U.S. Evidently, located 160 miles southwest of Denver, the eighteenth Annual Winter X-Games were sponsored by Jeep, which offered X-Games athletes, guests, and VIPs the opportunity to experience the 2014 vehicle lineup while touristic traveling from downtown Aspen to the mountain venue (Chrysler Auto Shows and Events Newsroom, 2014). Twelve shuttle vehicles were used during this event, consisting of a mix of Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, and Cherokee vehicles. Special group trained drivers by providing detailed product information during the ride.

Taking everything into account, it should be concluded that Jeep advertising strategy could be an example of qualitative work of marketing managers. Obviously, the significant sales results in 2014 are the result of the implementation of strategy plan.

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