Is It Ethical To Exploit Cultural Norms And Values To Promote A Product?

Is It Ethical To Exploit Cultural Norms And Values To Promote A Product?

It is necessary to mention that it is usually hard to identify the boundaries of cultural norms and values, especially in the modern world. The situation of postmodern changed the understanding of culture and acceptable relations between people. Thus, the vast majority of large manufacturers use all possible marketing methods in order to achieve their aim. For instance, they could decorate the package of their goods, such as burgers with pictures of great painters. Undoubtedly, according to the principles of early ages, it is sacrilegious. However, today rare people pay attention to such a situation and continue to live in this form of the consumer society without any mental anguish. Thus, every person has to decide if he follows the ethical rules developed over the centuries or continues his consuming life without having any spiritual values.

In the case if person chooses the first variant, he could easily understand that it is not ethical to exploit various cultural norms and values in order to promote a product. If every company concentrates only on profit and forgets about other aims, it could destroy positive social relations (Fraedrich, 2014). The death of the culture and values in the mind of common people could lead to cruel military conflicts or significant economic downturn. Furthermore, the crisis of the culture brings various social problems such as mental disorders, violence in families, high divorce rate, etc. Therefore, it is essential for thinking people to cooperate and prevent the world from such a threat. Every consumer should have the possibility to complain about some company, and national government or international organizations must analyze the results of such complaints. As a result, some special executive bodies have to restrict marketing activities for the companies, who break the rules of the productive social life. Obviously, money profit seems not to be a sense of life for all the population of our planet. Thus, it is important for everyone to think about spiritual values and prevent the business and economics from final moral degradation.

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